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Working Dogs

There are a large number of jobs a German Shepherd can do. The most commonly known is the “police dog” or K-9. When we think of police dogs, we usually think of “attack” dogs or drug dogs. The truth is that there are police dogs or personal protection daos for quite a number of specialized needs.

German Shepherds are also, often used to protect businesses and the people who own them. Our German Shepherds are trained to accompany the owner to work and be watchful while being social at the same time. A protection dog for a business requires an exceptionally well-trained dog who can determine the difference between a customer or visitor and a potential threat.

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  • Name: K9 Quantum
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Male
Quantum Canine Extreme is the son of Boss and one of Canine Extreme's most famous progeny's. Quantum now currently works with Officer Helen Morrison at Aventura Police Department.
  • Name: Zibor
  • Origin: Import Male
Zibor is a male import German Shepherd. He is one of our most well known Executive Protection Dogs at Canine Extreme. Zibor currently lives with his owner Nance and goes…
  • Name: Ferro
  • Origin: Import Male
Ferro was raised in our partner kennel in Europe with Jan Sudimak. He did an incredible job raising this very strong young dog. Once Ferro reached a certain age Raul…
  • Name: Kryptonite Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Male
  • D.O.B. : 09.28.2009
Description Allow me to introduce Kryptonight Canine Extreme! Krypt is the son of Tyson and one of our very popular puppies in the C.E. Training Program. From the time he…
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