Puppy Waiting List

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Check out K' Asher Canine Extreme as he starts building in his protection.

Here is a video of Astor doing some obedience and protection. Astor is currently working for a police department in Florida.

Here is Miro hanging out with some kids from Dog Class.
Check out Dasko, one of Canine Extreme's finest. In this video he is working with Raul doing some obedience.
Check out Harri as he works with Raul doing some protection.
Here is a short video of Danke Canine Extrreme working some obedience.
Check out Axel as he works some obedience with Raul and works on his hunt drive.

Check out this video of Idol. This is a simple video that give a brief overview of Idol and all that he is capable of. Idol is a super dog that is currently living and working as personal protection dog in Long Island, NY.

This is a video of Larus an Import male German Shepherd. Here e works with Colby of Canine Extreme doing some on and off leash fun obedience. Then Raul takes him for a walk around town.
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