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North American Sieger Show 2014

CE TEAM NASS2014North American Sieger 2014
October 10-12th 2014, Dallas Texas

Three of Canine Extreme's finest competed in this years North American Sieger Show which was held in Dallas Texas in October of 2014.  In this National Event we had Lennox Canine Extreme in the Youth Male Class, Caruso v. Koirser See in the Young Male Class and Kongo v.d. Frieheit Westerholt in the Working Dog division as well as the Breed Survey which was help Thursday night.

I am pleased to say all three dogs did phenomenally well in their classes and the Canine Extreme Team was present and on point throughout the entire event!


Lennox32014 001Lennox Canine Extreme was entered in the Youth Male Class (12-18 months).  This was Lennox's first time competing this type of event and he took to the show ring right away.  From the first day when he stepped foot on the show grounds Lennox was excited and full of energy.  When his class begun the judge imediatly put him straight to the first place position where he remained until the very last lap.  Lennox had an impressive gate and many of the dogs in the ring could hardly keep up to the pace that he set.  In the final lap however Lennox was passed by a male with a little more show experience and he finished as an impressive SG2!  We couldn't be more pleased with this young male and we cannot express how excited we to see what comes from him in the future. 

Caruso 033114 179Caruso v. Koriser See competed the Young Male Class (18-24 months).  This class is traditionally a highly competitive class and helps us to see the potential for these dogs in the future. Caruso entered the ring ready to play and it was no surprise that, just like Lennox, Caruso was placed in the front of the class and first place position right from the start.  Caruso showed off his impeccable gate and stunned the crowd with his looks and size. In the end of the class he finish SG3 overall!  Caruso remains to be one of our rising stars on our show team!  Now that he is home and his "young dog" classes are behind him its time to get to work on his titles and get ready for next years top Working Male Class.

KongoSTandIn the biggest event of the show, Working Class Males, we competed non other but Kongo v.d. Freiheit Westerholt.  Our Top Gun of show dogs.  After a 17 hour drive Kongo competed right away on Thursday night to test for his Breed Survey (KKL). We are excited to announce that Kongo complete his final Breed Survey and has now earned his KKL title for Life!! After Thursday was a days rest for Kongo and on Saturday he took to the ring for his performance portion of the competition and Protection.  Kongo pass his protection work with a solid score of 4/3 and advanced to the final ring on Sunday.  On Sunday there were many World Champion dogs present. Some that traveled from as far as Canada, Germany and Mexico.  Kongo's endurance was in Tip Top Shape which eventually earned him the title of V2.  We are so proud of Kongo and the work that he has put forth during this past year.  He has been a phenomenal team mate and true athlete!

Over all we had two 2nd place finished and one 3rd.  The Canine Extreme Team was professional, helpful and FULL of Team Spirit!  This competition only leaves us wanted more and excited for the next venture.