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Dana & King

KingTestRaul and Colby,

Just wanted to give you an update on King. He is, by far, the best puppy I've ever owned. He continues to demonstrate excellent nerves and a nice, solid working drive. He quickly learned his basic commands ... Sitz, Platz, Fuss, etc and looks forward to his daily training sessions. He is very special to us, and definitely the “King” in the family. We absolutely adore him. I will certainly keep you updated on his progress.
Dana Ohoyt
New Orleans! October 5, 2009

Smith Family

ArestonTEstColby and Raul,

Loki is a wonderful puppy. He is so smart he only needs to be taught how to do a comand once or twice and then he's a pro!! We love having him in our Family. He is about to go through the ultamate test as my husband is deploying very soon. Loki and I will be at home eagerly awaiting his return but I want Loki to have lots of new tricks to show his Dad, my husband. I know he will do great. He is also going to share his love in hospitals around Cali as a " Paws fo heal " pup. I know he will love it. WOrk is play to him and training is exciting and fun for me! Here are some pictures of Loki. He is only 6 months and he is already huge!! Yay

The Smith Family
(August 2009)

Dean & Zack

ZacktestHello Raul,

Just wanted to give a update on Zack, he is loving his new home in So CA ( except for the heat ) , We took Zack along with us to our trip to Oregon what a little jet setter Zack is. He has no problems traveling in planes,and auto he is very alert and seems to love it, He has his sitz , platz and house broke down. Thanks for such a beautiful and good dog, will keep you updated on his progress
All the best,
Dean (July 2009)


XandyTestHi Raul & Colby,

I just wanted to let you know how much we are in love with our Nikki ,"xandy"! She is the sweetest puppy ever. She has adjusted to our home and all the kids wonderfully. We have been crating her and letting her out for meals and bathroom time. (even though I just want to let her play in the house all day, but I'm trying very hard to follow all you instructions :) She is very good with her sit and come commands and she is so very sweet with the kids. I was sorry that we did not get to meet Friday, but Joe relayed all the information that both of you gave him.


Regina & Darrol

JeronimoTestColby and Raul,

Just wanted to let you know Jeronimo (Jack) is doing GREAT! I could go on and on about how wonderful he is. He has adjusted well to the condo lifestyle. He is very calm in the house and has not made a mess one time (even today after being in the crate all day long). Darrol had him in the elevator yesterday when two older ladies got in with them. One of them said "He is so well behaved...I wish the other dogs in the condo were like him." They didn't have a clue he had only been with us for two days!! He is a great dog and I am so proud of him. His biggest hurdle so far, believe it or not, was learning how to walk down a flight of stairs but he mastered those easily enough. Attached are a couple of photos we took two hours after we got home. I think he felt at home within minutes of us getting here. We hope to come down in a couple of weeks. Jack has so much potential and we need to learn how to work with him.

Thanks for everything.
Regina and Darrol
(January 2009)