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Regina & Darrol

JeronimoTestColby and Raul,

Just wanted to let you know Jeronimo (Jack) is doing GREAT! I could go on and on about how wonderful he is. He has adjusted well to the condo lifestyle. He is very calm in the house and has not made a mess one time (even today after being in the crate all day long). Darrol had him in the elevator yesterday when two older ladies got in with them. One of them said "He is so well behaved...I wish the other dogs in the condo were like him." They didn't have a clue he had only been with us for two days!! He is a great dog and I am so proud of him. His biggest hurdle so far, believe it or not, was learning how to walk down a flight of stairs but he mastered those easily enough. Attached are a couple of photos we took two hours after we got home. I think he felt at home within minutes of us getting here. We hope to come down in a couple of weeks. Jack has so much potential and we need to learn how to work with him.

Thanks for everything.
Regina and Darrol
(January 2009)

Keiser & Family


I just wanted to say "thank you" for selling such fine quality German Shepherd dogs. I have owned and been around a lot of shepherds throughout my life, but none of them have been like Keiser. Right from the start, he demonstrated an unbelievable intelligence. His personality, sweet, attentive, hard working and eager to learn. He communicates so well with all of us in our family. We recently took him with us on a road trip to Orlando. He behaved with such maturity, we feel we can take him anywhere now. On December 7, he will be 5 months, he knows how to sit, stay, down, heel, and high five, he even rolls over on command. He learned so quickly! When we don’t want him to touch something we say, (leave it!) and he walks away. If he has something in his mouth, we say (drop it!) and he spits it out! He truly is amazing! We are looking forward to have you train him for a more advanced obedience and protection work.

I also wanted to tell you, that you have a very good reputation here in Miami. We take Keiser out with us, as much as we can. In different occasions, random people come up to us to compliment our puppy (keiser) . The question always comes up, where did you get him? When we say, Raul Hernandez from Canine Extreme in Key West. To our surprise, a lot of people know you! and speak very fondly of you. Then they stress on how important it is to buy a dog from a reputable breeder, specially here in Miami. I truly did not know you, but I feel very lucky that I came across your web site and decided to buy a dog from you.



ZiborjumpTestEsteemed Raul,

Thank you for making our Thanksgiving a truely peaceful and wonderful one! You are such an impressive canine shrink!

This morning when Zibor and I went to deliver the turkey at our friends house we had an unexpected surprise. A small fuzzy (Zibor's nemises) white dog attacked him at the gate. I kept her at bay, not letting her actually bight Zibor. He didn't reciprocate, but rather held his ground and was patient with our friends dog untill the dog realized he wasn't going to attack her or her family. They then sniffed one another and went about their respective business.


Cole, Anna & Cameron


Great to here from you!! Brass is almost 80 pounds now and is as a gentle as a lamb with the kids, however if there is something that causes him to alert you wouldn’t want to be within 10 blocks of him. His training is going very well. His drive is just amazing and his bite is literally crushing. I have some updated photos I will send later. We really miss him when he is gone for training.

Thanks again for such a quality dog.
Cole, Anna & Cameron Hunter

Nance and Zibor

SeabornheadSDear Raul,

Several years ago we had problems in our neighborhood with drugs and aggravated assaults. As an older person I was looking for a solution. It was either a gun or a German Shepard. One of my neighbors raved about you. She herself had been knocked unconscious by robbers and has one of your Personal Protection Shepards. And so you sold Zibor to me after a lengthy interview as to what kind of dog I needed. As you know I own my own business and work by myself and always thought of my German Shepard as a deterrent, one who I would never really need.

Since then he has been a loyal companion and a great deterrent and those people have left the neighborhood and everything has settled down. Zibor is great with clients children and a pal to everyone on the block. He's friendly, gallant with puppies and an all around great dog who never knocks anything over or chews anything but his own toys. I am healthier (more walking) than ever, and much happier because of you and Zibor. With the neighborhood quieting down and Zibor all was fine until last week.