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Casey's Trip

Colby & Raul,

I had to email you to say, "Great Job". The quality of Casey's breeding and the quality of your training is unsurpassed. As you know, we went on vacation to visit family in Ohio. It was two days each way in the car for Casey, meeting new people, new places and hotel rooms. She was fantastic. I couldn't have asked more of her. She was perfect.

Thank you for her

Judy, Bill & Kolt CE

Good Morning Colby and Raul,

Kolt10.10.09_175We just cannot say enough good things about Kolt and the incredible training you gave him. Often times it is the subtle things that surprise us the most. Things like he knows not to follow us upstairs at night but simply follows us to the stairs, we tell him to stay and he does; we sit down to dinner and realize he has laid down close by but never begs; he loves his toys and never chews on anything else; he seems to instinctually know that Julio cannot run and play with him and so he gently plays with Julio; he can go from running and playing to totally still and quiet in an instant; we can take him anywhere on the property off lead and not worry about him running off or we can sit on the front porch and he stays right with us.


Gentle Giant

WorisXmas2010Raul and Colby,

I know I already sent you a pic of War, but had to share this picture. My 2 year old granddaughter got a styling set for Christmas which included curling brush, fake sissors and so forth. She decided to style War's coat, this shows you just how much he is apart of our family. This picture was taken in the mist of about 20 people at our home and our grand baby curling his hair. Not only is he protective he is very gentle with the kids. Just wanted to share!

December 2010

Thank You For Duke!

Hi Colby and Raul,

I thought you would like to hear that Duke is doing really well. He weighs about 26 pounds now and walks on the leash really well. We all love him dearly! He is so adorable and clumsy with his big paws sometimes, but he is getting more coordinated everyday. He wanted to be friends with Skittle, our Jack Russel, as soon as he saw her. He kept trying and trying to play with her, but she would ignore him. Finally, she realized that he was fun and now they are friends and play together. He loves to watch her chase the tennis ball, chase her, and now gets the ball too. Duke is soooooo good natured. He attracts a crowd when we take him to the kids sporting events. He lets everyone pat him, and so many people say they want a dog just like him. Also, everyone was very impressed that he was able to sit as soon as he arrived. I always have Skittle sit before she goes outside, as soon as the door opens, she runs out. Meanwhile, Duke would be still sitting really still looking and waiting for his treat. Finally, I learned to keep the treats by the door! He is such a cutie. Thank you for trusting your baby with us. We will take good care of him and always love him.

Duke's Family
October 2010

Thomas & Resie


Thought I drop you a line on how Resie is doing and what we have been up to. She is grown to be a nice size girl, and I know she isn’t close to being done yet. We have done several obedience classes with her and she graduated all of them.  Resie and I have gone the other direction with her “career”, instead of Schutzhund both of us are training for sheep herding. She loves it! She has great drive and work ethic that is needed for sheep herding, she also moves with fluid grace when working the herd (we are only working 3 sheep that are very quite or “light”). We are on our second month and are out in the fields every Sunday in the morning.