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Greta - Washington County Young Marines

GretaMarinesMy 11 year old son, Jesse, is a member of the Washington County Young Marines. (A national organization affiliated with the Marine Corp). This picture was taken at a recent community service program, Toys For Tots, at a local Harley Shop. This past weekend, she did a 3 hour K9 demo at their boot camp. She located (tracked) 5 IED's (articles); sniffed out 5 bombs (her ball) located in their bunk house; gaurded the unit from an aggressive "undesirable" (long bite), gaurded the undesirable and prevented escape (escape bite) then escorted undesirable back to unit for interagation. The kids, 25 of them, were thrilled with the show. The K9 decoy was very impressed with her OB and couldn't believe after taking her bites, that that was the same dog I have been bringing with me all these months! Her ability to turn on and off was UNBELEIVABLE, he said! Needless to say, I am very proud of her and thrilled that we chose you guys to get our second dog, Pax, from. He has big shoes to feel, but know he will! As always we thank you for the dogs, and all the support after the purchase!