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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale: VA bloodlines

Forrest Xmas 016November 23rd 2014: New German Shepherd PUppies Added to the website!

New puppies have arrived from top VA bloodlines out of Germany!  We are please to announce two litters from VA Leo von der Zenteiche & VA Fulz di Zenevredo.  The pedigree behind these litters are monstrous with dogs such as VA9 (BSZS) 2X VA1 (CN) Furbo Degli Achei and VA1 (BSZS) Omen vom Radhaus. 

We had 5 males and 2 females arrive in mid November 2014 and we couldn't be happier with them.  These German Shepherd puppies have rich red pigmentation, beautiful confirmation and temperaments that are just amazing.  All the puppies are extremely out going and super social!

Since these puppies arrived from Europe they have all be training daily in their basic puppy obedience.  THey are socialized around other dogs, people, cats, horses, chickens etc.  These puppies have all shown good work ethic and wonderful balance.  We truly couldn't be happier with this group and we are very excited to see how these German Shepherd puppies progress in their training.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the new German Shepherd puppies that arrived...

VA Fulz di Zenevredo & V1 Ira Bohemia Jites Litter
Born on September 20, 2014

Male - German Shepherd

Fox is extremelly out going young male.  He has beautiful pigmentation and a tremendous personality.


Foxy 112414 107
Forrest 112414 022

Male - German Shepherd

Forrest is a large male with great bone structure and super sweet character!

Male - German Shepherd

Flery has very rich pigmentation and stunning looks.  He is social with other dogs and has super drives for the ball!

Flery 112414 038
Fergie 112414 012

Female - German Shepherd

Fergie is the "Queen Bee" of her litter!  LOVES to play and is absolutely beautiful!


VA Leo von der Zenteiche & V1 Ryhanna Avax Hof Litter
Born on September 29th 2014


Male - German Shepherd

Guetta is a large male and an amazing temperment.  He is super sweet and always willing to play.

Guetta 112414 014
Gina 112414 047

Female - German Shepherd

Gina is just the sweetest female anyone could ever hope for.  She is equally beautiful as she is kind and this little girl loves to WORK!