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Wanni aus dem Aurum Zwinger, V, IPO1, KKL

  • Name: Wanni - German Import
  • Origin: Import Female
  • D.O.B. : 09.22.2012
  • Titles: V, IPO1, KKL
  • Hip Rating: A-Normal
  • Elbow Rating: normal


Wanni was born in Germany and arrived to the USA in June 2017.  She is a beautiful female with a masculine body type, good structure, blocky head, rich pigmentation and even movement in her gate.  She is V rated and titled in IPO1 and KKL.  Wanni is as social and sweet as they come.  She has super work ethic, loves to play ball and is equally happy to be with the family.


Wanni was born in Germany from top European Bloodlines starting with her father, Fred vom Rumbachtal, who VA rated 2X at the German Sieger Show (BSZS) in 2014 and 2015.  Fred was also titled SCHH3 and KKL.  Fred is a very masculine type male with strong character and stunning structure. His father is the world famous 2XVA World Champion Yerom vom Haus Salihin. Yerom was rated VA2 at the 2009 BSZS and VA3 at the 2010 BSZS. He is titled in SCHH3, IPO3 & KKL.  Yerom was a powerhouse male who produced countless V rated champions and IPO3 dogs in Germany, he also sire two VA rated males (Fred vom Rumbachtal & Chacco v.d. Freiheit Westerholt). Fred’s mother, Zaira vom Rumbachtal, was a stunning female who V rated (BSZS) and was VA3 in the Netherlands with a working title of SCHH3 and KKL.  Zaira had a wonderful body type, good structure and super movement. She was a 5-5 Linebreeding to VA1 Jeck vom Noricum.

Wanni’s mother, Venia aus dem Aurum Zwinger, has rich pigmentation with a nice top line and good movement in the gate.  She is V rated with an IPO1 working title and KKl.  Venia is the daughter to Clinten vom Holtkämper See who was V rated at the German Sieger show (BSZS) and titled SCHH3 and KKL.  Clinten is a very masculine male who carry’s a lot of presence in the ring. Clinten produced many top dogs in Europe and is well known for producing good genetics and health.  His father, Idol vom Holtkamper Hof is a well known male throughout Europe.  He had super character and flawless confirmation.  He was rated V6 (BSZS) and sired many V rated dogs at the German Sieger including one VA rated male (Rico aus dem Aurum Zwinger).  Idol was titled SCHH3 and KKL.  Wanni’s grandmother, Enschi aus dem Aurum Zwinger, is a very notable female. She was V rated (BSZS) and holds titles in SCHH3, IPO3 and KKL.