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Anett - European Import, VA7, IPO2, ZVV2, KKL Sold

  • Name: Anett - European Import
  • Origin: Import Female
  • D.O.B. : 03.03.2007
  • Titles: VA7, IPO2, ZVV2, KKL
  • Hip Rating: A Stamped
  • Elbow Rating: A Stamped


Anett is a Champion European Import who came to the US and the Canine Extreme Family a few years ago. Her titles include VA7, IPO2, ZVV2, and KKL. Anett has fantastic drives and work ethic and has a tendency to pass down her strong drives to her offspring. She is a wonderful female with amazing protection training and obedience. A Female with her structure and work ethic is extremely rare and one of the reasons she is such a wonderful addition to our Canine Extreme breeding program.


Anett comes from a long line of champions. Anett is the daughter to the World Famous VA3 Erasmus van Noort who is titled in SCHH3, IPO3, FH2 and KKL1.  Erasmus is a world class German Shepherd who's character and work ethic is truly unparalleled. Erasmus comes from 2X VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel. Yasko is a stunning male with incredible pigmentation and a large, masculine head. Yasko is very driven and has titles in SCHH3 and KKL. Anett's mother is V rated Meryl Avax Hof. Meryl is a sweet female with a great work ethic. Meryl has titles in ZVV1 and IPO1. Her father is 2X VA2 Timo vom Berrekasten. Timo is truly out of this world with his size and looks. He has a beautiful blocky head with a solid black mask. His work ethic is outstanding and he holds the highest titles possiblie in just about everything he can. He is SCHH3, IPO23, FH2, and KKL. Anett's bloodline is full of stunning dogs with amazing work ethics, a mixture that created such a wonderful female.

All the dogs listed in this pedigree (including Anett) have good hip/elbow ratings from the German SV as well as a minimum of a V rating in confirmation, working titles and their KKL breed survey in Germany.