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Member Submitted Photos

For our select few VIP Members, we have dedicated a portion of our website for proud owners to share photo's of their loved German Shepherds. This area we proudly name the "Canine Extreme VIP Member Submitted Photo’s". Here you can find wonderful pictures of German Shepherds sold by Canine Extreme that are uploaded directly from their new and loving homes.

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Wonet aka VIPER

ViperHelecopterICONWonet aka VIPER is a red sable European male German Shepherd Import.  He was sold at a young age to Victoria who has since begun handling and working him with the Louisiana Search and Rescue Team.  Since they started together they have been building on scent work, obedience and tracking.  We couldn't be happier with this unstoppable pair and expect to see some amazing things from them in the future. We are very proud of you both and please keep up the good work. 


Zack Canine Extreme


Zack Canine Extreme is an incredible male from our 2009 "Z" Canine Exreme litter with Lanna and Frisco.   Born on March 25th 2009 Zack is currently living in Lancaster, California and working daily with his owner in obedience and Schutzhund.  Zack's talent and progress has made us super proud of him and we can't wait to see what the future hold's for this amazing German Shepherd and his dedicated owner/handler.



ERO - Import Male

DSC_8783ICONEro is one of the most incredible German Shepherds that we have had the pleasure of working with at Canine Extreme.  He came to USA as a young male and entered our training program with dog trainer Colby Gwyn-Williams.  In our program Ero quickly excelled in obedience and protection.  He was used as our demonstration dog and worked with Colby in the Summer's while she taught at a Riding Camp in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  He is the type of dog that gets along great with people, kids dogs you name it.  At the age of two Ero was sold to Emily and her family in North Carolina which where he currently resides.  He becomes more and more handsome as the years go on.



IBNhead1aThis is one of our most stunning and popular German Shepherds ever at Canine Extreme. IBN is as impressive in character as he is in looks. IBN is fully trained in obedience and works daily with his owner Nick in their private compound in North Carolina.



Woris aka WAR


Woris aka WAR is one of our European import puppies born on August 24th 2009.  He is a dark sable male from long line of champion dogs in Germany and throughout Europe. War is currently living in Texas with a family and they just couldn't be happier with him.  His owner, Lisa, is also an amazing photographer and we blessed to be able to see War as she "captures" him through her lense.


Jerry Lee Canine Extreme

ICONKey_West_09_198Jerry Lee was born from the "L" litter of Boss and Mimix. Since he was 8 weeks has been working and training with his owner Matt in Obedience and Protection. I am happy to say that Matt has visited us often and is doing a fantastic job with this German Shepherd. L' Jerry Lee Canine Extreme hold many of the characteristics of his father Boss, he is strong willed and incredibly talented.  There's no doubt that this German Shepherd is one to watch.