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Rolex - German Import Sold

  • Name: Rolex - German Import
  • Origin: Import Male
  • D.O.B. : 06.22.2014
  • Titles: SG3
  • Hip Rating: A Normal
  • Elbow Rating: A Normal


Rolex is an imported male German Shepherd from Germany with rich pigmentation and STUNNING looks.  This handsome male is perfectly named as he is sleek and high class.  Rolex has training in both obedience and protection, both of which are fun to work.  He is social around other animals, dogs and children.  This dog is a wonderful example of a top quality German Shepherd in the makings and it great to watch him grow and refine his skills each day. 


Rolex is a German Imported male and comes form Pedigree that is top quality for both looks and workability.  His father is a World Champion male named Willas vom Grafenbrunn. Willas was rated VA6 in the 2015 World Championship and holds titles in IPO3 and KKL.  Willas is a large bones male with deep pigmentation and flawless confirmation.  This dog is absolutely top quality and he produces exactly that in his puppies. Willas some from two spectacular parents. His father is a V1 rated male named Tyson vom Kottersbusch who is titled in SCHH3 and KKL.  Tyson is also a large male with impeccable work ethic.  Willas's mother, Jane vom Grafenbrunn, is a V1 rated female who is titled in SCHH1 and KKL.  Both Tyson and Jane have rich pigmentation and beautiful confirmation. On the mother line to Rolex you will first find his mother Fanni vom Cassleswald who is a V rated female and is titled in IPO1 and KKL.  Fanni is a beautiful body type with a nice top line, good pigmentation and very nice movement. She has a nice size masculine head structure and is an absolutely perfect breeding female. Her father is Xill aus dem Haus Zygadto who is V rated and titled in SCHH3 and KKL. Xill is a well built male with good color and type.  Fanni's mother is a V rated female named Parnilla von Aducht who is titled in SCHH1 and KKL.  Parnilla is a very feminine type German Shepherd and have very nice color and movement.  The combination of these two bloodlines is meant to produce powerful dogs that can both dominate in the show ring as well as seamlessly fit into the family.

To see more on this pedigree simply click on the pedigree image below.  Here you will find pictures of the parents & grandparents as well as their titles. All the dogs listed below (including Rolex) have good hip and elbow ratings from the German SV. For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rolex Pedigree