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Elvira Canine Extreme Sold

  • Name: Elvira Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Female
  • D.O.B. : 05.24.2017


Elvira is a stunning female with rich pigmentation and wonderful temperament.  Elvira loves to play ball and is always eager to be with the family.  She is eager to learn and works well for food, toys and praise.  Elvira is social with other animals and loves people.  She would be well suited for a family, service, sport, protection you name it. The sky is the limit with her potential.


This litter is built from strong Czech Republic bloodlines that are known for their genetics and ability. These puppies were born in the USA from two wonderful German Shepherds Hemi & Banx.  Banx is a showline male who currently lives and works as a personal protection dog for a private family in the US.  He comes from phenomenal pedigree starting with his sire VA4 (cz) Odix Vitaxis.  Odix was a large well structured male with an amazing temperament and solid work ethic.  He had a presence that would fill a room when he entered and was very impressive to both work and watch. The mother to these puppies is a US born female named Hemi who comes from top Czech pedigree.  Hemi’s sire is a VA male named Obama Mir-Jar who was a top competitor in Czech Republic.  Obama is known for his strong work ethic and versatile temperament.  He is very correct in his structure and floats on air when he gates.  Obama sold in the USA in 2016 and is now retired and living the life as a family protection dog. Hemi’s mother is a German imported Shepherd who is very close to our heart, her name is Cocco zum Turmacker and in my opinion she is one of the best producing German Shepherds out there. Cocco is V rated female and titled in SCHH3.  She has a temperament that is out of this world and work ethic that puts any dog to shame.  Cocco is a powerhouse on the training field and a love in the house.  The combination of this pedigree brings together good workability and clear temperament for the home.

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Hemi Banx Pedigree