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Colby Hernandez

Colby Hernandez

Colby was raised on a horse farm in New Jersey. With over 15 years experience in equine competitions, Colby’s true passion is working with animals. She was born with a sense of deep and abiding understanding of the horse and a willingness to guide them over daunting fences.  Within her show jumping career, Colby competed all over the United States & Germany as well as trained in many countries such as Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

After her retirement in 2005, Colby made a logical transition into animal photography and dog training. With her photography she received numerous awards and found many of her photo’s published in dog magazine’s & calendars. Photography has always mostly been a glorified hobby for her since her passion is purely with the dogs. Her initial specialty was in the field of canine agility, an English sport based on equestrian show jumping. Since then, she has worked and trained numerous dogs for both law enforcement and personal protection.