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Zepher Canine Extreme

  • Name: Zepher Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Male
  • D.O.B. : 02.01.2011
  • Sold to : Alabama


Zepher became a fast favorite as a puppy and did tremendous in his training.  Since about 8 weeks Zepher lived loose in our home and traveled to and from work with AJ Hernandez.  AJ worked with Zepher to develop skills in obedience and protection that are truly unparalleled.  Zepher has solid nerves, and incredible bite in protection and solid hunt drives as well.Later on in his training Raul Hernandez stepped in and trained Zepher in full handler protection, tracking, advanced obedience and narcotics.  Zepher is a wonderful example of what Canine Extreme produces in its working line German Shepherds.  We are very pleased with Zepher and proud of him. 

Zepher is currently working Gastonia Police Department in North Caronlina.


Both parents (Dasko & Kilo) were born in our home and raised within our program at Canine Extreme. Aside from their champion pedigree both dogs are social, clear headed and happy German Shepherds. They can be set loose to run with several other dogs, children, cats etc.  They are very well rounded and wonderful to be around.

Dasko's mother (Lanna Eqidius, SVV1)  is an import German shepherd who was bred in our kennel in Europe to V Drago Eqidius (IPO3, SVV1, SCHH3). She was then flown to the USA where she had our "D" litter.  Lanna now works in a small business in downtown Key West as an Executive Protection Dog and is often used for demonstrations along with her son Dasko Canine Extreme.  Dasko has been training in our narcotics program since he was a young pup.  He does nothing but excel at every level on a daily basis.  With training in Advanced Obedience & Advanced Protection Dasko talents are truly unparalleled.  Dasko is our "Demo/Working Dog" at Canine Extreme and can be often seen with us at our demo's on television.

Kilo Canine Extreme came to us in the same way as Dasko.  Her mother Emily (SVV1) was bred in our kennel in Europe to world champion Tyson (SCHH3, 3X Winner of LGS Sieger and 3X winner of BSP). She then traveled to the USA where our K litter was born.  Kilo has tremendous talent as well and trains in Executive Personal Protection.

You can view the indiviaul photo galleries of both parents by clikcing on their links:

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You can view a complete photo pedigree of this litter by clicking the blue image below...