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Cyress - Import Male

Executive Protection Dog Cyress is practically the Ferrari of German Shepherds. He is trained in obedience and protection and can go from 0-100 in no time at all.

He is a young male and comes from our popular and powerful Tyson bloodline. Cyress would be well suited for sport, law enforcement or executive protection. He aims to please and is very easy to be around. We recently worked Cyress at a demonstration for Bark For Life in Key West, FL. This was a benefit held on June 4th 2011 for all Cancer survivors both Human and Canine. During the end of the demonstration Raul was using Cyress to display how a dog will work for fun and positive reinforcement.  In this video below you will see a quick clip from that demonstration as well as Cyress showing off all his skills in Hunt Drive, Ball Drive, Obedience and Protection.