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Bosco Canine Extreme

Bosco is the ultimate when it comes to a family protection dog.  He is gentle as can be with children and incredibly talented when it comes to obedience and protection.  Bosco is a one of a kind well rounded male German shepherd.

He is trained in obedience and protection and simply LOVES to work.  Bosco was born in our home Bosco and comes from great pedigree. His mother was one of our top working females named Xena. She is titled female with 0/0/ A stamped hip rating from the German SV. His father is Said Eqidius. Said is also a dark sable shepherd and he won the breeding survey two years in a row. His titles include, SCHH 1, SVV 1, IPO 1 , IPO 2, IPO 3 Kkl 1 but the incredible thing about Said is not even his titles as much as his scores which all in the high 90's if not 100. Said is now a working dog in Haiti for a woman who runs the "Little Brothers and Little Sisters of Haiti Handicap Riding program". Said has a super temperament, is social and very impressive looking. Bosco is a well rounded dog who can easily find himself in a working environment or at a home for family protection. He gets along great with kids and is very easy going around other animals.