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SG1 Caruso - Import German Shepherd Sold

  • Name: Caruso - German Import
  • Origin: Import Male
  • D.O.B. : 12.17.2012
  • Titles: SG1
  • Hip Rating: A Stamped
  • Elbow Rating: A Stamped


Caruso is a phenomenal male who is truly "larger then life" both in size and temperament. Caruso has a very healthy coat and feels like a giant teddy bear when you get to play with him.  He LOVES to play ball and is really very sweet to be around.  Caruso has training in both obedience and protection.  His obedience is top notch, he loves to work and will do just about anything to get a little attention.  His protection is also very impressive, Caruso is powerful and very clear headed when it comes to training.  He is truly a dream to be around. Everyday Caruso comes to feed the horses and chickens with us he is a true gentle man always enjoys the morning walks. 


Caruso is a German imported male from top pedigree that is known for their size, color and work ethic.  His father, Brix vom Valtenberg, V27 rated at the German Sieger show in 2013.  He is a large male with good color and very nice confirmation.  Brix comes from a top World Champion named Quattro von der Partnachklamm who was rated VA2 at the German Sieger. Quattro is a very large male who is absolutely stunning and has an INCREDIBLE temperament. It is after Quattro that Caruso gets his stunning looks and charming personality. On the mothers side Caruso comes from a very nice female named Winny vom Koriser See. Winny has very deep pigmentation and incredible work ethic.  She is V rated at BSZS and is titled in SCHH3 & KKL1.  Winny's father is also a very well known World Champion named VA2 Yerom vom Haus Salihin.  Yerom has very large structure, very nice movement and awesome work ethic.  Yerom is titled SCHH3 and KKL1. Winny's mother (Caruso's Grandmother) is also a strong working female named Gina who holds titles in SCHH3 and KKl1.  In the first two generations of Caruso you have 2 World Champion VA dogs and 4 SCHH3 & KKL1 titled dogs.  His pedigree is fantastic and Caruso is all to ready to fill the large foot steps of his ancestors before him.