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Hyde Canine Extreme Sold

  • Name: Hyde Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Male
  • D.O.B. : 09.24.2017


Hyde is a dark sable male with a large blocky head.  He was the smallest of his litter and has the largest personality!  Hyde is a sweet fun loving pup who loves to train and play ball.  He is super social around other animals and just a gem to spend time with.  He has natural eye contact, loves treats and would do anything for a ball which will make him a super star in future training.  There is nothing Hyde can't do sport, working enviroment or family companion/protector.


The sire to this litter is one of our personal dogs named Didi Mihapa who was imported from the Czech Republic. Didi's father is Norbert Aritar Bastet who is SG rated and titled in IPO3 and KKL. Norbert is a Black Sable German Shepherd male with large size, good bone structure and stellar work ethics. Norbert’s sire is Mic von der Kine who is V rated, SCHH3 and KKL. On the mother line to Didi you have some very impressive German Shepherds. First starting with his mother, Qwerta Kedorb, who is SG rated and titled in IPO1 and KKL. Qwerta's father is a very famous male named Gerro Leryka who is V rated and titled in IPO3, SCHH3, FPr2, ZM, ZPU2, ZPO1, ZVV3 and KKL. Didi's Grandmother (through the mother line) is Iris Kedorb who is SG rated and titled in ZVV2, IPO2, SCHH2, ZPS1, FPr3 and KKL. This pedigree and bloodline is not only meant to work, they are meant to look good doing it!!

The mother to this litter is a dark sable female named Raketa Eqidius who is a spectacular female, tremendous work ethic and titled in SVV1 and KKL. Raketa is well mannered with the family and is a wonderful mother to her pup's. She comes from a top stud in Europe called Alli vom Dunklen Zwinger who is V-rated and titled in IPO3 and KKL. Alli is a large structured male with dark pigmentation and phenomenal work ethic. The mother to Raketa is also a notable female who has been a top producer in our bloodlines known as Eischa Eqidius who is titled in SVV1 and KKL. The combination of Didi & Raketa makes this litter a top contender for sport or future K9 work. Both bloodlines are built upon strong work ethic, genetics and size.

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Didi Raketa Pedigree HCE