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Jenna Canine Extreme Sold

  • Name: Jenna Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Female
  • D.O.B. : 10.11.2017


Jenna is simply an awesome little pup!  She is a dark sable female, born in the USA from two top imported parents.  Jenna loves, loves, loves to be included with the family.  She enjoys playing ball but also enjoys time to simply relax.  Jenna is a really well rounded female with pigmentation and a face you just melt for.


The father, Ben, is a solid black male imported from Germany and is titled in IPO3, KKl1 & V rated. Ben is an extraordinary dog with incredible work ethic, clear headed and beautiful conformation. He is an incredibly large structured male who brings a lot of presence when he enters the room. Ben's size and work ethic is a wonderful representation of his sire V Bomber vom Wolfsheim (SCHH3, FH1, KKL1) and dam V Eischa vom Kleinen Zigeuner (SCHH3, IPO3, KKL1). The mother line to this litter is none other then one of our very own top females named Peggy Eqidius who is titled in SVV1 and KKL. Peggy is a dark red/sable female with super character and work ethic. Peggy's sire is the famous V Drago Eqidius who is titled in IPO3, SCHH3, SVV1 and KKL. The mother to Peggy is also extremely noteworthy. Her name is Veronika Eqidius and she is titled in IPO3, SVV1, FH2 and KKL. Both Drago & Veronika can be found in many of the pedigrees of world champions today.

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