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Kongo & Maggy Litter

  • Name: "I" Canine Extreme Litter
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Puppies
  • D.O.B. : 09.26.2017


3 puppies were born from Kongo & Maggy (1 Male & 2 Females).  This litter was born in the USA on September 26th 2017 and they will be available to go to their new homes after November 21st 2017.   The puppies from this litter have rich pigmentation, very nice structure and are maturing nicely.  Stayed tuned for updates on these pups as they get older.  Reservations on this litter have already begun.  To learn more about how you can get on the list be sure to e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The father to this litter is none other then one of out top stud males, Kongo! Kongo is a V1 rated male who is titled in IPO3, KKL (lifetime) and V rated at this years German Sieger Show. Kongo is a large bones male with great structure, wonderful temperament and work ethic. He has a large masculine head and his puppies are very sought after. Kongo comes from a long line of World Champions starting with his father who is a 2X VA rated dog in Germany named Chacco v.d. Freiheit Westerholt. Chacco is rated in IPO3 and KKL.  Chacco is very rich in color and known for producing dogs with great genetics. Chacco's father is also a VA rated World Champion named Yerom vom Haus Salihin who is titled in SCHH3, FH1 and KKL.

The mother to this litter is Maggy von den Warsteiner Quellen who is a V rated female from Germany and titled in IPO1 and KKL.  She is a daughter to V(BSZS) rated Justus vom Haus Dexel trained in IPO3, Kkl 1. Justus comes from a world famous male named Remo vom Fitchtenschlag who was a 2X World Champion VA1 (BSZS) and titled in SCHH3 and KKL. Remo is also known for his pigmentation, disposition and work ethic. Justus mother is top rated VA1 (BSZS and IT SAS 2007) VA4 AUT 2006 Gina vom Aquamarin and titled in SCHH3, IPO3, FH2, RH1 and Kkl 1. Maggy's motherline is V rated Hanna von den Warsteiner Quellen titled in IPO1, Kkl. she is daughter of VA champion Renzo vom Holtk√§mper See titled in IPO3, Kkl 1 and mother V rated Luna vom T√∂nsbrock titled in SCHH3, Kkl 1.

For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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