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Working Dogs

shepandkid2DOGS AT WORK

There are a large number of jobs a dog can do. The most commonly known is the “police dog” or K-9. When we think of police dogs, we usually think of “attack” dogs or drug dogs. The truth is that there are police dogs for quite a number of specialized needs.

Police dogs can be used for attacking a criminal if necessary or finding hidden narcotics. They can also be used for sniffing out explosives or bombs. Less frequently mentioned are perhaps the more important jobs of search and rescue, tracking, cadaver search, water rescue, and even checking for agricultural items being illegally brought into a country. A police dog can be used to track (follow a person directly), or to trail, where they follow the scent of a person.

There are different forms of tracking as well. Tracking Solid means a dog will track to a human scent. This is what search and rescue dogs do after a natural disaster when there is debris and rubble on top of people. Tracking Clean” means a dog will follow one scent through various other scents (just like in the movies when they hand a dog a scarf to smell).

Your Canine Extreme Dog, who is trained in protection is no less a working dog than one in the field. These dogs are trained to protect their owners and families yet they are still social enough to play catch with you and go for walks to the park.

Dogs are often used to protect businesses and the people who own them. They are trained to accompany the owner to work and be watchful while being unobtrusive at the same time. A protection dog for a business requires an exceptionally well-trained dog who can determine the difference between a customer or visitor and a potential threat.

There are dogs that are used in water rescues. They are trained to carry a floating bumper and line to a victim or vessel and return to shore. They can also be trained to retrieve objects that are underwater.

Dogs are also used to pull wagons, sleds and even cross country skiers. Most of us are familiar with the sight of sled dogs in Alaska, but dogs were trained to pull cheese wagons in the Pyrenees Mountains, and in “skijoring” which is when a dog pulls a skier across country.

Herding dogs are used throughout the world for controlling sheep and cattle, and some were even bred to mimic the coats of sheep so they could hide within the herd and protect against predators.

Dogs are still used for hunting and retrieving and have been since man and dog first decided it was beneficial to be friends.