Name: Team Holtkamper Hof Imported Litter
Gender: 1 Male (SC), 1 Male (LSH), 2 Female (SC)
Origin: Germany
D.O.B.: 03.29.2024

Team Holtkamper Hof Imported Litter


Description Coming Soon....

These puppies will be arriving from Germany in June 2024. More details and photo's once the puppies arrive.


The father line to this litter is best known for its size in structure and health. Beginning with the sire, Chapeau vom Holtkamper Hof, who is V rated, IGP3 and KKL Chapeau is a stunning male with incredibly masculine structure and impeccable temperament. Chapeau is also the full brother to the VA (BSZS'23) Calvados vom Holtkamper Hof who is a stunning long coat (LSH) male. Chapeau & Calvados are the progeny of Olympia vom Lärchenhain (V, IGP1, KKL) and Deli vom Holtkamper Hof. Deli was VA4 rated at the German Sieger Show in 2022 and is the full sister to our very own Daphne vom Holtkamper Hof. Deli (and Daphne) are both beautiful representations of phenomenal breeding that is focused on health, temperament and workability. Deli's father, Henko vom Holtkämper Hof (V, IPO3, KKL). Who has extremely rich pigmentation, good character and top work ethic. He has solid bone structure, good height and a very dark mask with beautiful expression in the face. Henko was highly rated in the youth class BSZS in 2016 and is expected to do incredibly well in 2018 BSZS. Henko’s pedigree is one that is very close to home. His father is none other than our very own Fight vom Holtkämper Hof. Fight is rated VA2 (USA’17), V13 (BSZS’16), IPO3 and KKL. Fight is truly a phenomenal male with solid work ethic and flawless character. Fight is known around the world for being a top producer of German Shepherds. In 2017 his son (ASAP v. Aldamar) was rated SG1 in the youth class of the World Championship (BSZS). The mother line to Daphne is full of power and beauty beginning with her dam Oana vom Hotlkammper Hof the VA1 BSZS Champion 2019. Oana is flawless in the ring, her movement glides her across the field in an effortless motion. Oana is also IPO2 and has her breed survey for life. Oana is the the daughter the VA1 (BSZS) Willy vom Kuckucksland (IPO3, KKL). Willy is easily known to be one of the best producers of genetics of all time. In fact the German SV created a study off this dog along to help determine how to get the best results of hips/elbows. Willy is a phenomenal male in the show, loads of power in his performance and effortless movement in the gate. Oana's motherliness begins with a stunning female named Idanja vom Holtkamper Hof. When it comes to females, Idanja is one that stands at the top. She has tremendous movement and structure that make her glide across the ring. Idanja has had an incredible show career working her way up to VA6 at the BSZS in 2016. She also has great working ability and drives, which can be seen in her IPO3 and KKL ratings. Notable dogs from further back in this pedigree are: Peik vom Holtkämper Hof (VA, SCHH3, KKL), Ilbo vom Holtkämper See (VA, SCHH3, IPO3, KKL), Negus vom Holtkämper See (VA, SCHH3, KKL), Flipp & Gandi con Arlett and many, many more.

The mother line begins with Hexe Team vom Hotlkamper Hof. Hexe is a V rated female who is titled IGP1, KKL. She is stunning, social and sweet. Hexe shows fluid movement in her gate and beautiful expression in her face. She is the full sister to Heartbreaker Herman Team vom Holtkamper Hof who is an increasingly popular stud throughout Europe. Hexe comes from Saturn vom Grafenwald (V, IGP2, KKL). Saturn comes from two top VA rated parents. Starting with his sire, Mars von Aurelius who was VA4 in 2019 (Belgium), VA3 2019 (Austria) and VA11 2019 (Germany)as well as being titles IPO2, KKL. Saturn is a proven stud siring two VA German Shepherds at the German Sieger (BSZS), Samira vom Grafenwald (full sister to Saturn) and Urdu v. Team Panoniansee. Saturns mother, Lila v. Haus Thalie was 4x VA rated female from 2017-2018 in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Italy. Lila also holds titles of IPO2, KKL. Lila also producing a VA rated German Shepherd Samira vom Grafenwald. Saturns bloodline is littered with world champion VA rated dogs such as: VA Saabat von Aurelius (IPO3), VA Ober von Bad-Boll (IPO3, SchH1), VA Quantum von Arminius (SchH3), VA Dux della Valcuvia (SchH3) and many others. Hexe's mother line begins with Angel Team vom Holtkamper Hof (IGP2, KKL) who is the daughter of VA Henko vom Holtkamper Hof(IGP2) and Racia vom Holtkamper Hof (IPO2). As we already discussed Henko above on the father line I will focus on the Racia's bloodline. Racia comes from VA Yankee vom Feuermelder(SchH3). Yankee is substantial male with incredible presence and work ethic. Angel's bloodline is also littered with World Class German Shepherds such: VA (USA) Fight vom Holtkamper Hof (IPO3), VA Peik vom Holtkamper Hof (IPO3), VA Ilbo vom Holtkämper See (SchH3, IPO3) and many others.

Linebreeding: Henko Holtkämper Hof(3-3) Remo Fichtenschlag(4-5) Pacco Langenbungert(5-4,5) Liselotte Holtkämper Hof(5,5-5)

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Chapeau vom Holtkamper Hof Hexe Team vom Holtkamper hof Puppies

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