Name: Sheriff v. Legends Team

D.O.B.: 08.16.2018

Titles: SG, IGP1, KKL
Hip Rating:
Elbow Rating:

Sheriff v. Legends Team


When it comes to dogs that can stand out in a crowd, Sheriff is absolutely one of those. Sheriff has a masculine structure and powerful movement that gives him a presence that can turn heads. This is all accompanied by a great temperament and willingness to learn. When working with Sheriff, you can feel that the sky is the limit. Sheriff has an incredible future, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for him and his progeny.


Fritz von Oasis is the father of Sheriff. Fritz is an incredible male who knows how to turn heads on any field. He has competed in many shows and holds his V ratings as well as his IPO1 and KKL. His father is Cronos del Seprio, who is simply a phenomenal male! Cronos has been ranked VA 6X in his career. 2X VA1 in Belgium (2016-2017), 2X VA1 in Austria (2016-2017), VA3 in Germany (BSZS16), and VA4 in Germany (BSZS17). When it comes to world champion German shepherds, he is certainly a tough one to top. His success, however, is no surprise given his pedigree. Cronos is the son to 2X VA1 World Champion Remo vom Fichtenschlag and the VA ratings just continue on from there.

The mother of Sheriff is Margman Yaffa. Margman Yaffa is a beautiful solid black female with fluid movement and a feminine structure. She holds countless titles that include her V rating and her IPO1 and KKL. Yaffa has an incredible temperament and intelligence that makes her a true contender. As you look deeper into her pedigree, you will see her father, Landos vom Quartier Latin as well as her grandfather Furbo degli Achei. Both Landos and Furbo are incredible males who have made names for themselves in the show world. Landos has achieved his V rating, and Furbo has claimed his V9(BSZS'09). Margman Yaffa's lines continue to improve over the years and is a pedigree that never stops impressing.

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