Name: Nicky vom Kurfürstendamm
Gender: Male
Origin: Germany

D.O.B.: 03.24.2021

Hip Rating:
Elbow Rating:

Nicky vom Kurfürstendamm


When it comes to a well-rounded dog, Nicky can check all the boxes and more. He has an incredible temperament that is accompanied by nice drives and brains that make him so much fun to be around. Nicky has already been in the show ring and made it clear that he could stand out on the field, earning his SG title. He has a masculine head and structure. We have high hopes for his future and can't wait to see what his future accomplishments will be. Nicky would be well suited for family, conformation, or sport.


The father to Nicky is an incredible male named Zet vom Napte-Emmer-Eck. Zet knows how to turn heads when he enters a room and continues to impress us as he grows. Zet has already gone on to active his VA 10 rating at the BSZS in 2021, and he is always a pleasure to watch in the ring. Zet boasts an outstanding work ethic, and this can be seen in his IGP 3 title. You can see where his incredible looks and workability come from when you see his father, Digger von Edelweiss. Digger has a masculine body, and accompanying this is powerful movement and drives. Digger has achieved multiple V ratings as well as his IPO2 rating. His progeny has also gone on to achieve countless titles and V ratings. Thora vom Napte-Emmer-Eck is the mother of Zet. Thora is a beautiful female with a feminine structure as a fluid movement. She has an incredible temperament and holds her V rating and IPO1.

Danny vom Kurfürstendamm is the mother of Nicky. She is an incredible female who has earned her V rating as well as her IGP1 rating.
Danny's incredible temperament and intelligence help her stand out in any field. Some of these incredible traits come from her pedigree, and one of these incredible dogs is her father, Mark vom Pendler. Mark is a large structured, masculine male who can command attention no matter where he is. Mark has solidified his place as a well-known name with his 10 V ratings as his IPO3. These titles show that he not only has excellent conformation and structure but a remarkable ability to work as well. Danny also gets some of her incredible traits from her mother, Nina vom Welsetal. Like Danny, Nina has earned her IPO1 rating but has already received her V ratings. Overall, Danny is an incredible combination of pedigree, and we can see these traits passed down in her progeny.

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