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Check out our German Shepherd 'Dasko Canine Extreme' working full obedience and protection with our Thoroughbred Horse 'Boye'. THese two are amazing together and love to work. Another job well done by the Canine Extreme Team.

This is a video of Fritz Eqidius working obedience and protection at Canine Extreme.  Fritz is a super social male german shepherd with incredible work ethic and enthusiasm to please.  Fritz was born at our partner kennel in Europe and traveled to our training facility in the USA

Unkas is a Personal Protection Dog who is unbelievably beautiful both in structure and personality.  He has deep red pigmentation, very nice confirmation, good flowing gate and super over all structure.  Unkas is easy to work, very easy going and super social with people and animals.

Dax is as impressive in person as you can possibly get, his looks litterally stop traffic and his manor is amazing.  He is a LARGE Executive Protection trained male with flashy obedience.  He is extremely entertaining to watch and even more fun to work.  His titles include IPO3, SVV1 and Kkl1.

Bosco is the ultimate when it comes to a family protection dog.  He is gentle as can be with children and incredibly talented when it comes to obedience and protection.  Bosco is a one of a kind well rounded male German shepherd.

Executive Protection Dog Cyress is practically the Ferrari of German Shepherds. He is trained in obedience and protection and can go from 0-100 in no time at all.

Check out this video of DAX working protection.  Dax is an import German Shepherd from our partner kennel in Slovakia.  Dax has great drives for the ball and is incredibly willing to please.  He is strong in nature and is currently working as a police dog.  Dax comes from incredible Champion German pedigree all of which shows in his power and movement.
Check out Zicco, an import male German Shepherd as he works obedience and protection with Raul of Canine Extreme.
Zicco is an incredible import male German Shepherd. He works very flashy obedience and truly loves to please. Here you can see him work some obedience with Colby of Canine Extreme.
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