Our Studs

Offering the Largest Selection of German Shepherd Studs and VA rated German Shepherd Studs in the USA

At Canine Extreme we take a lot of time and effort when selecting studs for our breeding program as well as those who are promoted through Canine Extreme.  All studs listed and promoted through Canine Extreme have either been trained by, evalutaed by or held residenecy at Canine Extreme for a set amount of time. Each male is tested for his temperament, genetics, health, workability, and overall conformation. The dogs you see listed on this page are purebred German Shepherds registered with AKC and (if imported) the German SV. Each stud has hip/elbows ratings certified through the OFA or SV as well as various other health screenings such as DM, Cardiac, Thyroid and many others.

This page will showcase many of our top studs, to see a complete list reflecting all available studs please click on the following link:


For more information on breeding to one of our studs please fee to contact us for more information.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of avaiable stud dogs at Canine Etxreme.

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