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Xena is an import German Shepherd Female. She LOVES to work and will do just about anything for the toy. in this video you can watch Xena do some obedience and protection.
Vector is a very popular import male German Shepherd. In this video you can see him work some obedience and show off his impressive hunt drive.
Check out some of Canine Extreme's Police Dog's in action. This is just a quick video that we through together in 2009.
Pakros is the perfect example of a well rounded German Shepherd.
Check out Best! Best is a German Shepherd Import Male who works some incredible obedience and protection. Best now lives in California and works with his owner as an executive protection dog.
Apis is a beautiful sable German Shepherd male. In this video you can see him working some obedience with Colby at Canine Extreme.
This is Boss one of Canine Extreme's most famous stud dogs. Boss is a V rated, Svv1, Kkl1 titled male and produced some of the most incredible dogs that we have ever seen. In this video check out some of Boss's protection work.
This is a video of Norra, an import female german shepherd young adult.
Check out Dorit! Dorit is an Import German Shepherd Puppy for sale. She was born in Germany and came over to the USA when she was 8 weeks old. SInce she has been at Canine Extreme she has been working on her basic puppy obedience and doing great!
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