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Bringing You Only The Finest German Shepherds

Canine Extreme selectively breeds German Shepherds for the intelligence, courage, and dependability for which the German Shepherd is renowned.

Our V & VA rated Schutzhund (SchH, IPO & IGP) titled dogs are carefully chosen from among the finest kennels of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany and throughout Europe.

The German Shepherds that we use in our Canine Extreme Breeding Program have consistently produced well balanced, driven, dedicated dogs with the solid temperament and grace that exceeds even the highest standards required for the breed.

VIP Puppy Program

Our VIP waiting list gives you the first look at the puppies before they hit the puppy waiting list or even the website. 

Canine Extreme Store

You can also show your Canine Extreme German Shepherd Pride with our very own line of durable & comfortable clothing.

GSD Training

Training available from basic obedience to advanced Level 3 Executive Protection, Police work and Narcotics.

Canine Extreme German Shepherds

Whether you are looking for puppies, young dogs, or adult German Shepherd Dogs, Canine Extreme has dogs bred for  intelligence, courage, and dependability.


We pride our selves on our puppy program and believe in building a foundation with positive reinforcement and good socialization.

Young Dogs

Our young adults have a basic knowledge of obedience, base foundation of drives and are socialized properly on a daily basis.

Adult Dogs

Trained Adult German Shepherds can be a wonderful asset, family companion and protector for your home.

Our Stud Dogs

 Each male is tested for his temperament, genetics, health, workability and overall confirmation. 

Our Females

Our females are thoroughly tested for health, temperament, workability and genetics before entering our breeding program.

Canine Extreme Store

We offer our customers the very best in German Shepherd dog supplies and training toys that are available.

Meet the Family

Meet the dedicated and expert trainers behind Canine Extreme.

Raul Hernandez

Raul was born in Cuba and immigrated to the United States during the Mariel Boatlift in 1980. It was in Cuba where Raul first developed a passion for animals, having…

Colby Hernandez

Colby Hernandez If you peek behind the curtain of Raul’s talent, you’ll see a machine named Colby orchestrating the show. Not one for the limelight, Colby prefers to work behind…

Alex Hernandez

Alex Hernandez (son to Raul Hernandez) has been training dogs quite literally since the day he began to walk. Growing up with his father’s guidance and expertise, he…

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