Canine Extreme Demonstration at WEC

With the recent opening of the World Equestrian Center (WEC), we’re happy to announce that we had the privilege of performing a live demonstration in their grand outdoor arena. The team at WEC have done an outstanding job at creating a top of the line facility for the abundant horse disciplines and catered their facility to other events such as conventions, shows, and canine events. We would like to give a special thanks to our team at Canine Extreme and the WEC Team for helping with the success of the Canine Extreme demonstration. We can’t wait to be back at WEC and look forward to visiting, performing, and hosting future events there!

What is a better way to tie in the holiday than hoasting a canine demonstration? This is exactly what the Canine Extreme team did as we performed a live demonstration on December 26th and 27th at the World Equestrian Center. It was an exciting event that featured agility, obedience, show work, and protection work. This was accompanied by clear skies and beautiful cool weather that you could tell put some extra pep in everyone’s step, especially the dogs.

WEC Korado 122620 09The obedience portion is always a wonderful thing to watch and is even more impressive for the crowd. In this portion of the event, we got to see one of our Junior handlers work with the up and coming star named Nando. The connection that these two showed on the field was sure to keep the crowd’s attention. Raul and Colby were also on the field, answering questions while working their dogs. Colby was working with the ever so popular Didi. You could tell as soon as they stepped in front of the crowd that Didi loved the applause and would do his best to keep it going. Korado was the third dog on the field and was accompanying Raul as he engaged with the crowd. Korado was sure to show off his outstanding obedience and power, making it look effortless and fluid.

WEC Sandra 122620 006Obi, Chelsea, Burns, and Ghost, along with their handlers, were the stars of the agility portion of this demonstration. The fast-paced agility did a great job of encapturing the crowd’s attention. Obi and Ghost put their speed and agility to the test as they whipped around the course and really worked for their applause. Then we had Chelsea and Burns, who we like to call the “biggest” team member of Canine Extreme. Chelsea is a Yorkshire Terrier, and Burns is a Corgie, and they proved to the crowd that the size of the dog does not matter when it comes to agility!

WEC ColbyDidi 122620 28Wrapping up the live performance was the crowd’s favorite event of protection. In this portion, we were happy to welcome Knut to the field, who was more than thrilled to show off his powerful and clean protection work. We were also excited to bring Colby and Didi back onto the field to work with Raul to show off their skills. It is always amazing to watch Colby and Raul work together as they work together flawlessly. You can see the years of practice, teamwork, trust, and understand come into play as they perform an outstanding show of protection work that never has a dull moment.

The Canine Extreme team, humans and dogs, enjoyed putting on this event and look forward to performing more in the future. It’s a wonderful way to give our team, juniors, dogs, and the crowd an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience. The process of this event could not have been done without the WEC team and the hard work of the Canine Extreme team, who gave everything 100%.

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