Training Toys for German Shepherds

Having a new German shepherd in the home can be a fun and thrilling experience. However, when welcoming a new German Shepherd into the house, many questions come into play. One of the main questions is in regards to training your dog and where to begin. Whether its food, praise, toy, or all three, it’s essential to secure a reward that fits your training style and your dog enjoy. One of the methods that Canine Extreme likes to use when training is rewarding with a toy.

When selecting a toy that you’re dog would like to work for, it depends on the dog and what they enjoy. However, it’s equally important to consider you have to hold and use this toy. If your pup likes to play with an enormous ball, it may be best to obtain a more compact version for ease of handling while training. While every dog is different in their preferences, Canine Extreme does have a go-to toy that we like to use. This style of this toy is a ball on a rope. While there are many variations to this toy, the Liker Cord is a quick, easy, and lasting toy for training.

There are a few key features to a ball on a rope that make it an ideal pick for training. An essential factor is that this toy can be “connected” to you at all times. Toys given or thrown to the dog can hinder establishing a secure “connection” with your pup. When talking about the connection in training, we refer to the bond between you, the dog, and the training. With a ball on the rope, you can keep hold of one side of the toy while you work directly with the dog. Holding onto one end allows the training to become an act between both you and the dog.

There are a few toys that fulfill these criteria, and they don’t have to be in the shape of a ball. The first toy mentioned was the Liker Cord, and this is an excellent choice. The Liker Cord is durable, lightweight, and maneuverable. The Liker Cord is a fantastic choice for building and maintaining obedience from a beginner to advanced training. Another excellent option is a French Linen Tug from Viper. This toy incorporates a similar concept of a rope for connection but in the form of a handle. The tug included a nice rubber woven handle, high durability, and can be used for work or play. Both of these options represent excellent choices for a training toy. It’s equally noteworthy that these toys are not designed as a chew toy and are best used together with your dog. I’ve included a link to the Liker Cord and Viper French Linen Tug below:

Liker Cord

French Linen Tug

The toy that you select can make a difference in this experience, connection, and overall training. Training is a fun and proactive way to play and work with your dog at the same time. The most essential step to picking a toy is to select something that both you and your dog enjoy. Every dog is different, and it’s worth trying out a few options to note what your pup enjoys. Once you find the right training toy, the fun is just beginning.

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