German Sieger Show Nuremberg 2014

German Sieger Show
Nuremberg Germany 2014

Kongo & Colby competed at the 2014 Sieger Show in Nuremberg, Germany! This was an incredible event that was held at the Grundig stadium.

Many countries around the world host their own Sieger Shows for German Shepherds but the GERMAN Sieger show is undoubtably the World Championship of them all. Its where the best of the best come to compete from all over the world hoping to leave their mark on German Shepherd history.

Kongo v.d. Freiheit Westerholt (3 yr old male, V1, IPO3, KKL1) along with Colby Hernandez competed in the woking dog class among some of the top German Shepherds in the world. On friday morning they stepped into the stadium for the first time to complete the performance phase of the competition. Kongo did an incredible job landing a score of 4/4 and capturing the attention of the press enough to get onto Network Television in Germany. Directly after the performance phase Kongo & Colby were pulled aside for a quick interview for the TV Network covering the event. It was a great way to kick off the weekend!!

On Saturday morning we also learned the Kongo’s name had been made famous again as he was also listed in a top German news papers called Die Welt ( . This article basically went on to summarize the caliber of the event and the top quality of German Shepherds that were being presented. On Saturday afternoon Kongo took the lead in the progeny group for Chacco von der Freiheit Westerholt. Later that evening we also learned that Kongo had qualified for the final ring and would be going straight there for the big finally on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday arrived all to soon and the energy in the Nuremberg stadium was incredible. Kongo was in the ring among the top dogs in the world and all with incredible quality. The class ran for a little over an hour and half and Kongo was a champ! At the end of day we finished V48 overall and we couldn’t be more proud of our Kongo. At this years German Sieger show there were roughly 1900 German Shepherds from 54 Nations entered to compete. In Kongo’s class alone there was 350+. Kongo gave a tremendous performance and would couldn’t have been more proud of the USA dog in the BIG RING!!

Check out Kongo’s Debut on German Television Below…

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