GSDCA Sieger Show 2018: Zion, IL


FIRST PLACE! VA1 with Marlo von Baccara in the Working Males Class (24 month + with title)
FIRST PLACE PROTECTION (long & stock coat) with Bruno vom Gruaen Ma-Holt
FIRST & SECOND PLACES in the Veterans class with Fight Holtkamper Hof and Keule Holtkamper Hof
4th Place (SG4) in the Youth Class with Dark Knight Knockout Canine Extreme!!
V10 Working Class Males (24 month + with title): Zambo Holtkamper Hof

It’s been an exciting 2018 fall for Canine Extreme!!!

Our team was strong, determined and our dogs focused. We couldn’t be any prouder of our results and the spectacular performance of the dogs and team members of Canine Extreme.

The Sieger Show is a National event and the titles earned there are among the most coveted in the German Shepherd sport. In each country there is one Sieger show that is held per year and these shows are the only place where one can hope to obtain an VA rating (Vorzüglich Auslese (Ger.) Excellent Select) for top breeding dogs. There are approximately five to ten VA ratings that are awarded each year which is determined at the judge’s discretion. It’s a huge honor to have your dog rated VA and let alone to be the top VA1 rated dog.

This show was not an easy one for Canine Extreme’s team. Two weeks prior we were in Germany for Germany’s national Sieger Show (BSZS) and when we returned home we only had a week and half to finish preparing our dogs for the long journey to the show. Daily sunrise training sessions with many hours either jogging or biking were combined with obedience and protection work. When it was time to leave it took two large vehicles, 10 dogs and a little over 20 hours to travel from Canine Extreme headquarters in Morriston, Florida to Zion, Illinois.

We arrived in the early hours of Thursday morning and after a few hours rest we made it to the practice field by 9:30am. We were able to get in a light practice with our Working Class Males and allowed the rest of the dogs some time to stretch their legs and see the show grounds. By Thursday night the remainder of our team as well as one additional dog arrived from Germany and we were ready to get to work!

Friday morning the show began as a light day for us since it was mostly puppy classes but it was wonderful to see so many quality dogs and their progeny in this years’ Sieger Show. There were a few Keule puppies that looked outstanding as well as some puppies from Henko Holtkamper Hof (Fight Son) and a few from Fight himself as well.

On Saturday morning we started Protection Work. We were primed and well prepared with a plan ready to be executed; however, those of you who have competed the Sieger Show before know that no matter how well prepared you are there are always the infamous nerves to be addressed. On our team, Raul was handling for all our top males (Bruno, Marlo and Zambo). We started with Bruno who had an amazing heel across the field, head straight up at Raul and just as flashy as we all know him to be. His bite work was strong, full mouth and entertaining to watch. On the long bite Bruno flew through the air with a full mouth bite and clean, clean outs. After a nail-biting barking guard, Raul approached him, and he was “pronounced outs”.

After Bruno came Zambo, who gave an incredible demonstration that was clean and precise and left nothing to chance. Last we had Marlo who was no doubt a crowd favorite and he didn’t disappoint. Marlo had a strong front portion to his protection and on the long bite he sailed through the air as flashy as ever and with clear outs. We began at 9:30 with the first dog and by 11a.m. we were able to cheer with the relief and victory that all our dogs had passed and would advance in the competition.

After Bite-work was completed we went on to the stand for examination where the microchips are checked and the dogs are measured and gaited in front of the judge. Once the ‘Working Class Males’ competed the show continued with the youth males. First up for us was Dark Knight Knockout Canine Extreme (aka K.O.). The youth class is for males that are between 12-18 months of age. This is often a very competitive class at the Sieger show and this is our preview of what to expect for the future top dogs in our country. K.O. had a strong class with quality dogs in it and rightfully earned his 4th place finish. We are very proud of this male who is the son of Fight Holtkamper and is no doubt a top contender in the future. We are pleased with this placement and excited to see what’s to come from him in the coming year.

Next on our schedule was the Veterans Class. The Veterans Class is a super division and not one that is held in every country which is a shame. This class is for males that are too old to compete in the Working Class but are still actively breeding and producing in the country. It’s a great way to let these dogs show off and to let the Nation see for themselves what these dogs look like, the condition that they are in and what skills they possess.

The Veterans Class was one of our most anticipated classes coming into Sieger. Last year we won VA1 with Keule Hotlkmaper and VA2 with Fight Holtkamper. This was the first time in USA history that 1st and 2nd place was awarded to the same kennel. We were proud to bring Keule and Fight to the Veterans Class since these dogs truly love to compete. They are in impeccable condition and their progenies are among the best dogs in the world! This year Fight Holtkamper hof has a son ASAP who placed V1 in the German Sieger (BSZS) and Henko Holtkamper Hof was was VA5 in the German Sieger (BSZS). This class was a huge accomplishment for us and I was really honored that Fight and Keule once again took 1st and 2nd place together.

Sunday, the Final! This day is truly the main event, whether you are showing a female or male with long or stock hair. This is the day for which we train all year. The day we lose countless hours of sleep and the day that it all comes to its grand conclusion. On this Sieger Sunday we presented a progeny group for Marlo followed by Bruno in the Long Coat Working Males Class and then Marlo & Zambo in the Working Males Stock Coat Class. As most Siegers go, it’s never a Sieger show unless its miserably cold, by our Floridian standards, and raining.

Just before Bruno’s class started, the skies opened up and it started to pour with a cold 50-degree rain. Bruno wasn’t phased in the slightest. Since Bruno is a working line male we didn’t have huge expectations of being in the front of the class. Our whole goal coming in to this class (as we joked privately among ourselves) was to be able to place second to last. As the lineup began and the judge called out the numbers, sure enough, Bruno was in last place and it was pouring rain. During the whole class I don’t think his tail stopped wagging once. He was the happiest dog you ever saw in the show ring. He had a BLAST! The mud was awesome, the rain was awesome, the people cheering and running were awesome …. it was like we threw a party just for him and he couldn’t have been happier.

After the ‘off leash’ Bruno went to walk to and from the judge the so the judge could evaluate his movement. As soon as Bruno’s handler asked him to walk Bruno looked straight up and gave the most amazing flashy walk you could imagine in the ring. It was truly one of the best moments of the whole show. He marched just like the quality working line dog he is and the crowd went crazy! The judge couldn’t help it and he moved him up one spot, making him second to last! Goal accomplished! At the completion of the class the judge couldn’t say enough about Bruno. He had surprised him and remarked that he was an expressive male with lots of energy. As he went on to explain more about Bruno the judge made his announcement that Bruno had won 1st Place and Top Honors in Protection! Team Canine Extreme exploded in applause! This was one of the main goals we hoped to accomplish and were thrilled that we had been so wonderfully successful. Best Protection work goes to Bruno and better yet, it was for long and stock coat males combined. It was truly tremendous.

Now it’s time for “our” main event. The ‘Working Class Males 24 months + with title’. This is without question the biggest class of the Sieger show and the one that we all wait for all year. It’s been pouring most the day and just as the class begins the skies let up. I won’t go as far as to say the sun came out or that it warmed up, but we were happy with the break in the rain. As a team, our adrenaline was racing and we were ready. When the judge called the numbers for the working class, Marlo was called out in front and I am so happy to say that he stayed there through the whole length of the class. Marlo gave a spectacular performance, he fed off the crowd (like he always does) and he proceeded to absolutely float around that ring. This male is truly a phenomenal male, a once in a lifetime dog that seemed to want that title for himself as much as we wanted it for him. In Marlo’s ‘off leash’ he floated around that ring beside Raul and finished with three victory circles off to the side. Marlo was happy and eager the whole way through the class and in the end, he was awarded VA1, the best honor any German Shepherd could get!

In the Working Class we also had Zambo Holtkamper Hof competing along with of one of our clients, David out of Texas. This was David’s first Sieger show and he gave his all on that field in Zion. Zambo had an impressive finish with a V10 rating and we are really proud of him and this team. I think we can look forward to another strong Sieger placing from them in the future.

After the completion of the Working Male Class there were countless handshakes, hugs and photos. LOTS of photos!! Marlo posed for every single picture as if he waited all year long to do so. This was truly his moment and we were honored to get to stand next to him during his time.

After the completion of the Sieger show the pressure, stress, excitement and exhaustion we were finally finished! For 2018 we managed to meet all of the goals we set out to accomplish and I truly couldn’t be any prouder of our Canine Extreme Team. It takes so much more than just the players on the field. The people who buy our shirts, hats and gear and repost photos on Instagram help to send out our positive message. You are all a part of our proud Canine Extreme Team. If it wasn’t for you none of this would be possible and we are so grateful to not only be on top for a second year in a row but to have this quality of people around us is truly extraordinary. We are forever grateful and thank you for your support.

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