GSDCA Sieger Show 2019: Troutman, NC

It has been a great year for Canine Extreme and we were excited to attend the 2019 Sieger Show. We’re proud to say that we took #1 with the young females in the nationals as well as the #2 young male. Along with this our working males had an outstanding performance coming in V2, V4, and V8, congrats team!

We were accompanied this year with our team of junior handlers. It was amazing to seem them give it their all and stand side by side with everyone on a national level. Thank you so much for the support of everyone involved and our Canine Extreme team. We look forward to what the future holds and we’re always preparing for our next adventure!

~ Canine Extreme’s Experience at the 2019 GSDCA Sieger Show ~

It has been a great year for Canine Extreme and we were excited to attend the 2019 Sieger Show with our biggest team yet! Joining us this year were our junior handlers (Alaura age 14, Natalie age 12 and Lucas age 9), family members of our juniors, team members for our working dogs and distant Canine Extreme team members from Texas and Maryland. It was an action-packed weekend filled with many small (and not so small) victories. We’re so proud of our team and what has become the Canine Extreme Family.

Leading up to the Sieger show was not an easy feat. Months prior our team began their training under the guidance of head trainer Raul Hernandez. Raul selected the dogs that would be attending the show, and as the month’s progressed, he assigned their handlers. About 2-3 months from the start of the Sieger show, the training was turned up! Multiple times a week we would all meet up and put in early morning training sessions followed by jogging, biking, and cardio routines. Lots of cardio sessions…

On Wednesday, October 9th, our 2019 Sieger journey began. With 3 vehicles, 17 dogs, and 12 hours ahead of us on the road, we started off our journey for Troutman, NC. The drive took the whole day, and upon arrival we soon fell asleep, knowing there was a lot of work in store for us the next day. On the morning of Thursday, October 10th, we were happily greeted with nice cool weather, which we’re not so used to in Florida. The dogs along with us felt great during some practice for the working-class males. While waiting for our final members of the team, we allowed the rest of the pups to stretch their legs and enjoy the weather. With the final gathering of our team, and the dogs rested and relaxed, we were prepared for the show to start.

Friday, October 11th is when the protection work began, which is the most nerve-wracking day of the competition. In this section, the dogs must partake in a performance review where their protection work, obedience, concentration and much more are put to the test. We have prepared and put in countless hours so that we can do our best in this field. However, there is always a bit of nerves in the air for if the dog does not pass, they can no longer compete in this year’s competition. Raul was handling 2 of our 3 working males named Zambo and Dark Knight Knockout (K.O.). The 3rd entry was Quoran who was handled by Marco Ilsen.

First up to bat was Zambo who did an outstanding job which set the tone for a great day. Though the cool weather had cleared, and the heat of the day started to increase, Zambo still took this time to show off his masculinity and gave off a powerful vibe when walking down the field. Raul and Zambo had a great connection and performed cleanly and precisely, resulting in his passing of the performance test. Once done, the next to take the field was Quoran and Marco. It was refreshing to see the bond between them as they enjoyed some time together by the side of the field before entering. It’s almost as if this was their calm before the storm prior to walking on the field. The amount of practice that this duo had put in was apparent, as they did not disappoint. Quoran and Marco performed like a well-oiled machine and also passed their performance test with flying colors. Last but not least to step onto the field was K.O. who was handled by Raul. This was the last performance test of the day for our team, and it was easy to tell that K.O. was ready to shine. As Raul and K.O. walked down the ring, it was obvious that K.O. knew what to do and was ready to work. After an outstanding front portion, the real wow factor was when K.O. was able to put his speed to use in the long bite. Raul took a knee next to K.O. as the helper got into position. Once ready, K.O. was sent and sped down the ring with everything that he had. He committed to the bite, had no hesitation and a clear out, passing this stage of the competition. With this, the performance round was completed for our team with all 3 dogs having passed.

Friday was also a big day for our Junior handers as it was their first Sieger show. This is the day that they will take their first steps into the ring. You can see the excitement in them as the 4-6-month male’s puppy class is announced. Without hesitation, Lucas (handling Famous) and Alaura (handling Everest) entered the ring and showed that all of their practice and training had been put to use. It was amazing to watch these two as they went around the ring. They were amidst some strong competitors and integrated beautifully with them taking the position VP8 (Everest) and VP9 (Famous).

The following class was the 6-9-month female junior puppy class. In this class, we have another one of our junior handlers, Natalie, who was handling Brava. The focus that was shown in the ring by this duo was an amazing sight to see. Whether it was interacting with the judge, standing for an exam or presenting Brava to her potential, Natalie thrived. We’re so proud of them coming in VP 10 as they went toe-to-toe with some top-notch handlers and we felt Natalie gave them all a run for their money. This was a great way to wrap up day one!

Saturday, October 12th, was our second day of competition and by far the busiest. In the morning Canine Extreme prepared for 5 classes (18-24 month males & 18-24 month females, Open Females, Veterans, and Youth Seminar) with 9 dogs in total to compete and 3 additional for the youth seminar. Rest assured, with our team we knew that we could accomplish everything.

Like gears in a well-oiled machine, team Canine Extreme steadily proceeded forward to prepare for the coming day. The first class of the day was the 18-24 young female group which included Maple, Nova, M’Lucca, and Whisper. We’re so proud of how our handler-and-dog teams did in the round. Everyone gave it their all and left it on the field. When the class was over, Canine Extreme took their first victory of Sieger, with a rating of SG1 to Whisper vom Holtkamper Hof who gave a stellar performance in the ring. She was followed by Nova (SG13), Maple (SG16) & M’Lucca (SG17).

The next class of the day was the 18-24-month males. In this class, we had both Hulky v. Holtkamper Hof (handled by Jorg) and Malcom Canine Extreme (Handled by Marco). It was amazing to see both of these stunning males work their way around the ring. Malcom showed his masculine structure and angels as he and Marco worked together remarkably. When Hulky stepped into the ring he did was does best … POWER! This was Hulky’s first time being handled by Jorg and what can we say, when they got together there was no stopping these two. It was an impressive class to watch and yet another victory for Canine Extreme when the class was called and Hulky was pinned SG2 for the young males giving Canine Extreme not only the #1 young female in the national but also the #2 young male. Malcom finished with SG13 and we were very happy with his placement, this was his first Sieger show and we think he was as much on holiday as anyone else visiting the US that week.

After a brief lunch, we were ready to go on to the next class. This class was the Open Class Females, which for Canine Extreme was starring Natalie Moxley and Ellie Canine Extreme. This was Natalie’s big class of the weekend since she is listed as H.O.T. (Handler Owner Trainer) with her personal dog Ellie Canine Extreme. The effort that Natalie and Ellie had put in every week was shown in the ring. The connection and cohesiveness that they had showed why they deserve to be competing at the Sieger level. There was no denying the level of pride our Canine Extreme Team had for these two. The side of the ring was littered with our team members all showing their team colors in support. Natalie & Ellie stood their ground with some of the best handlers and despite some non-sportsmen like misconduct from another team they did not falter. These two were a class act and you could see the time and passion that was put into this. We were happy to see Ellie take SG7 and to see the victory in Natalie’s eyes but also to the pride and support from her family as well.

Next up, Veterans Class! Canine Extreme has been honored to have top quality (and arguably some of the best) studs in the world. At this year’s Sieger show we were pleased to present Keule vom Holtkamper Hof and Fight vom Holtkamper Hof to the Veterans Class. This was an amazing class to be a part of as it was a great experience for one of our Junior handlers. Over the past few months, Lucas Moxley (age 9) has been training weekly with Keule with the hopes that his trainer Raul Hernandez would let him handle in the Veterans class at Sieger show. Raul didn’t want to guarantee anything but on the evening before this class, he sat down with Lucas and gave him the good news that he could handle. The pride, enjoyment, excitement, and thrill was all over Lucas’s face! When the time came to enter the ring, you couldn’t imagine a kid being so proud and honored to walk in the class with none other than the 2017 USCA raining Sieger Show Champion VA1 Keule vom Holtkamper Hof. Lucas walked right up to the Judge (SV Breed Warden Lother Quoll) and presented Keule for his stand followed by the long gait. There weren’t many dogs in the ring (which we took as a compliment) but the applause that Lucas and Keule got when they lapped the ring could be heard clear across the show grounds! Fight v. Holtkamper Hof was also entered in the Veterans and handled by our friend (and his breeder) Jorg Niedergassel. Fight is undoubtedly one of the top studs in the world at the moment and Jorg is without question one of the best handlers but I’m afraid for this day and in this time Lucas & Keule stole the show.

Last but not least for our Saturday was the Youth Seminar. This was an outstanding event to see as a group of youth handlers get to enter the ring to learn a bit more about handling. All of the youth handlers entered the ring and most of the dogs were taller than the handlers. While everyone getting ready in the ring, the speakers turn on and music begins to play. The first task for the youth handlers is to have fun and dance to the music. While this originally was for the youth seminar you quickly being to see trainers, handlers, Raul, and a few of the Canine Extreme members join in on the dance. It was a nice breath of fresh air to see all of the smiles and hear all the laughter of everyone around. After the short dance party, they were able to work directly with the judges, coaches, trainers, and top handlers around the ring. In the end, one by one each junior handler presented their dog to the judge and receive individual advice and conversation as well as a medal and goodie bag full of training supplies. We were happy to be a part of this youth seminar and can see some of these growing handlers making names for themselves in the future.

Sunday was the final day of the 2019 Sieger show. While it was the last day, it’s the day that everyone was waiting for which includes the working-class. There is a saying within Canine Extreme that goes “It’s not a Sieger without rain” and it looks like we were right. While all 3 working class pairs entered the ring, the sky began to open and let’s just say the handlers and dogs all needed grooming after this. The rain brought a few additional hurdles along with it. While this rain was strong enough to make it hard to see across the field, it also added muddy grounds which can affect your footing and make the leashes slick. K.O. was not deterred by the rain and was being handled by a fellow Canine Extreme team member. They both had an amazing time in the ring and the only thing that topped it was the heel off leash when Raul started working K.O. The bond that Raul and K.O. have is something to see as they work together flawlessly. While some may say that the off leash portion was the hardest part, you may disagree after seeing them work together. Even with the rain and mud, without hesitation K.O. truly began to shine as he raised his head and almost floated next to Raul around the ring and finally coming in V8. We’re so happy for the progress that K.O. has been making and look forward to seeing him back in the ring in the future.

The next in line was Zambo who was being handled by Raul in the ring along with one of our clients, David out of Texas. Zambo is a very powerful dog and it was marvelous the see the control that he and Raul were able to achieve. We’re extremely proud of the effort that Raul, Zambo, and David put into the ring that day. Even with the inclement weather soaking them from head to tail you could see the effort, drive, and passion that was left out in the ring by all 3 of them. Zambo had an amazing show and went from V10 in 2018 to V4 at this current 2019 Sieger show. We’re so proud of Zambo, Raul, and David for the outstanding performance.

Last but not least we have Quoran who was handled by Jorg in conjunction with Marco. It was amazing to see these 3 work in tangent like a well-oiled machine around the ring. You could see the experience that Jorg brought to the table with Quoran as they traversed the now muddy field. Once Marco entered the ring you could tell that they would not be hindered by the rains and completed the off leash wonderfully. Quoran finished in the outstanding position on V2 and we look forward to another strong Sieger performance in the future.

With the completion of the working class, the Sieger show was over. All of the emotions were replaced with one, accomplishment.

We had an outstanding time at this year’s USCA 2019 Sieger show and it was amazing to see our junior handlers take a solid foothold into the future. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again … “It takes a village”. Everyone who supports Canine Extreme whether it be training, handling, purchasing canine extreme gear, or even joining to cheer us on, we want to thank you. Thank you for coming out, thank you for your phones calls and text and a big special thank you to Mrs. Kathy (Gram’s) for feeding all 25 of us Canine Extreme enthusiasts all weekend long. We would not be able to do this without everyone’s support and we’re grateful to have you (all of you) as part of our Canine Extreme Family.

We are blessed and humbled by the support of everyone involved and while we are exhausted and our legs are sore from running all weekend, we just can’t wait for next year to come!

So, let’s get to work and get back to training.

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