Name: Zagheria's Black - SOLD
Gender: Male
Origin: Italy
D.O.B.: 07.22.2016

Zagheria's Black - SOLD


Black is a wonderful male German shepherd that continuously brings a smile to the faces around him. His temperament and sociability are out of this world. Whether it's working, playing, adventuring or just laying around he is happy to be a part of the group. Black loves to work maintaining a clear head and has earned his IPO1 title. This wonderful temperament is accompanied by an outstanding pigmentation and structure. Black currently holds his V(LGZS) title and an additional two V ratings. He is a show stopper and the sky is the limit for his future.


The father of Black is a stunning male named Jerry del Colle Verde. Jerry boasts outstanding pigmentation, angles, and movement. He has claimed a V rating four times and additionally holds his IPO2 and KKL. Jerry is magnificent to watch work as he shows off his dynamic movement and focuses when working. He is the son to the 2X World Champion VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard who is titled in SCHH3 and KKL. Vegas is a prominent name not exclusively due to his achievement but to his progeny as well. He has passed his outstanding traits to his progeny which 11 have gone on to claim the VA title and countless more claiming a V rating. The mother of Jerry is a female named Asia del Colle Verde. Asia is a beautiful female who has a wonderful work ethic as well as pigmentation. She has claimed her V rating at the BSZS. She possesses a nice level head as well as drives that are shown in her schH1 and IPO2 title.

The mother to Black is Trudi della Gens Pontina. Trudi is a beautiful female who has nice pigmentation, movement, and expressions in her face. She has claimed her SG title and from a young age has continued to impress. Trudi has also claimed her IPO1 title and is an extraordinary dog to watch work. Paer vom Hasenborn is the Father to Trudi and is a phenomenal male. Paer is a powerful male who photos truly do no justice. His stunning deep pigmentation and structure have claimed him countless titles. He claimed the VA3(BSZS'12) and then two additional VA in 2011 and 2013. To accompany this is a solid work ethic, drives, and clear head. These traits have helped him achieve his SchH3 and FH1. The mother to Trudi is a Wafa di Casa Cacozza who has titles and achievements to let her stand side by side with the best. Trudi achieved the VA6(BSZS'05) and VA4(BSZS'06) along with ten V ratings. This is all wrapped up together with a SchH3 working title and shows that she has the brains and bronze.

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