Name: Dior Canine Extreme - SOLD
Gender: Female
Origin: Florida, USA
D.O.B.: 04.04.2021

Dior Canine Extreme - SOLD


Dior is a red & back showline German Shepherd female. Dior is just as smart as she is cute. This pup never misses thing … she loves to play, always eager to learn new tricks and incredibly easy to get along with. Since June Dior has been enrolled in our puppy training program and works daily with one of our Junior Handlers. On a weekly basis she takes trips to town, walks in and out of stores and get's plenty of "life" exposure. Dior has been exposed to other dogs, puppies, cats etc. She treats everyone like her best friend and happy to share her toys. Dior will no doubt mature into a stunning female. She would be well suited for the show ring or hanging out with the family.


The father to this litter is Korado, who is the full package and has an incredibly masculine structure, deep pigmentation, and powerful movement that make him an absolute pleasure to watch work. This has helped him to achieve his VA3 rating under judge Wilhelm Nordsieck as well as his IPO3 rating. The father to Korado is a super dog named Margman Yes. Margman Yes is a masculine solid black male who boasts incredible movement as well as structure. He holds countless titles that include his V rating(LGZS) and his IPO2 and KKL. You can clearly see that these titles are well-earned from the work ethic and power that he shows off. As you look deeper into his pedigree, you will see his father Landos vom Quartier Latin as well as his grandfather Furbo degli Achei. Both Landos and Furbo are incredible males who have made names for themselves in the show world. Landos has achieved his V rating, and Furbo has claimed his V9(BSZS'09). Kimba Avax Hof is the mother of Korado. She is an outstanding female who has great coloration as well as a nice gate and angles. Kimba is an SG rated female who also has an IPO1 and KKL. Kimba comes from a top male who has competed at the highest level named Arex von der Wilhelmswarte. He has earned countless V ratings in his show career as well as earning his VA6 (BSZS'10) and his, SchH3, KKL. His personal titles and accomplishments are incredible, but his pedigree is just as outstanding. His father is the 2 x VA1 (BSZS'08,09) Vegas du Haut Mansard.

The mother to to this litter is an Imported German female named Soraya Holtkamper Hof (IPO1, KKL). She is the daughter to VA1(2017), V11 (BSZS) Keule vom Holtkamper Hof (IPO3, KKL), who was the number one dog in the USA in 2017. His titles and accomplishments are as impressive as they come, and his pedigree is just as impressive. His father is a World Champion male, Pacco vom Langenbungert. Pacco is rated VA3 (BSZS'15), IPO3 & KKL. Pacco is a powerful male with deep red pigmentation, masculine body type and flawless work ethic. This top male was a showstopper in the ring and simply flawless to watch. Pacco is a wonderful representation of his bloodline and what good genetics can produce. His father is a 2X VA1 (BSZS'11 &'12) World Champion and titled in SCHH3 & KKL. Pacco's mother (Ankaa vom Nadelhaus) was a highly rated female at the 2011 BSZS, coming in at V19. The mother line to Keule begins with a well-structured female named Rieke vom Holtkamper Hof who is the daughter to the world-famous Zamp vom Thermodos. Zamp is a well built male with a solid body structure, good movement and phenomenal work ethic. Zamp was rated VA1 (BSZS'06), VA5 (BSZS'05), and holds titles in SCHH3 & KKL. One of Zamp's most significant aspects to show, other than his show career, was his temperament with the family. This dog indeed was the full package and has had an enormous impact on what is expected of German Shepherds today.

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2 Males & 2 Females

2 Males & 2 Females

Pedigree: Hexe Team v. Holtkamper Hof & Chapeau v. Holtkamper Hof
Origin: Germany
DOB: 03.29.2024
Gender: 1 Male (SC), 1 Male (LSH), 2 Female (SC)

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