Name: Falk von den Gesetzlosen
Gender: Male
Origin: Germany
D.O.B.: 02.07.2020

Falk von den Gesetzlosen


Falk is a solid black German shepherd who shows excellent potential to stand at the top when it comes to working lines. While he is still young and growing, he is already showing traits of an up-and-coming star. Falk has great drive, eye contact as well as a strong willingness to work. This is all accompanied by a well-developed structure that compliments his power and agility. When you wrap up all of his outstanding traits along with his cool demeanor, you have a dog who is an absolute pleasure to work and spend time with. No matter what the task is, you can always feel that connection as you both grow stronger together.


Falk comes from a combination of two wonderful working lines. His father is a stunning solid black male named Ixtrem vom Eisernen Kreuz. Ixtrem has an incredible work ethic, drive, and a clear head, making him a pleasure to work with. He holds countless titles, including his SG title as well as his IGP3 and KKL. His father is a dog named Vero vom Österfeld, and he turns heads when he works. Vero has the same masculine structure and powerful movement that is passed down in his lines. Vero also holds his SG rating as well as his IGP3 and KKL. When you see Vero work on the field, you can tell why his lines are such good working dogs. The mother of Ixtrem is a beautiful female named Eysha vom Eisernen Kreuz. Eysha is a beautiful example of a female shepherd who can show off incredible working ability while still maintaining her feminine movement and grace. She holds her SG rating as well as her IGP3 and KKL.

The mother to Falk is Vega von der Burg Hinte, a female German shepherd who can stand toe to toe with anyone on the field. She boasts an incredible working ability and a clear head that allows her to stay focused and attentive during work, allowing her to earn her IGP3. This is a remarkable trait that we can see passed down her lines. Her father, Lennox vom Fern-Tal, also possesses an excellent working ability paired with beautiful pigmentation. He has gone on to achieve countless working titles at the top, including his SG, IPO3, FH2, and KKL. Tessa von Conneforde is the mother of Vega, and once you see her, you can see where Vega gets her good looks, workability, and clear head from. Tessa is another incredible female in this line and can hold a fabulous presence on and off the field. She has also earned her SG rating, IPO1, and KKL.

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