Name: Kalif Team om Holtkaper Hof
Gender: Male
Origin: Florida, USA
D.O.B.: 06.19.2023

Kalif Team om Holtkaper Hof


Kalif was born in Germany and arrived the USA as soon as he was old enough to fly. Kalif is a large structured male with good bone and nice size. He has even movement in the gait and tracks very straight in the back. Kalif loves to play ball and has super contact in learning new tasks. He works well for both treats and toys and would have no problem excelling in training. Kalif would be well suited for sport or family.


The father line to this litter begins with Rey du Val D’Anzin. Rey was rated V15 at BSZS’23 and holds working titles of IGP3, FH1 and lifetime breed survey (KKL). Rey is a medium to large size male with a masculine structured head, good fluid movement in the gate and strong overall conformation. This male is incredible well bred coming from two German VA rated parents. The sire to Rey is VA8 (BSZS) Warcon del Rione Antico (IGP3, KKL). Warcon is masculine male with rich pigmentation, fluid movement and is known for producing dogs with good health and genetics. The mother to Rey, is 3X VA rated Princess dei Murolo (IPO2, KKL). Princess was 2X VA Rated in Italy 2018 & 2019 and 1x VA Rated in Germany 2019. Princess has had several liters with puppies that have gone on to compete in the working class of BSZS. Notable names from Rey du Val D’Anzin’s pedigree would include: VA (BSZS) Gary vom Hühnegrab (IPO3, KKL), VA (BSZS) Omen v. Rathaus (SchH3, KKL), VA (BSZS) Remo vom Fichtenschlag (SchH3, KKL), 2x VA1 (BSZS) Vegas du Haut Mansard (SchH3, KKL), VA (BSZS) Willy vom Kuckucksland (IPO3, KKL).

The mother line to this litter starts with Famos Team vom Holtkamper Hof who is V rated, IGP1 and KKL. Famos is the daughter to Xandur v.d. Pfalzperle who is V (BSZS), IGP3,KKL. Xandur is a wonderful male with incredible work ethic, temperament and character He is stunning to watch in the movement which comes as no surprise given his impeccable pedigree. The father to Xandur the incredible Henko vom Holtkämper Hof. Henko has extremely rich pigmentation, good character, and a top work ethic. He has a solid bone structure, good height, and a very dark mask with a beautiful expression on his face. Henko was highly rated in the youth class BSZS in 2016 and since then has been ranked VA 5 (BSZS'18 &'19). Henko's pedigree is one that is very close to home. His father is none other than our very own Fight vom Holtkämper Hof. Fight is rated VA2 (USA'17), V13 (BSZS'16), IPO3, and KKL. Fight is truly a phenomenal male with a solid work ethic and flawless character. Fight is known around the world for being a top producer of German Shepherds. In 2017 his son (ASAP v. Aldamar) was rated SG1 in the World Championship (BSZS) youth class and now holds the VA3 title at the BSZS. The mother to Famos, VA1 (BSZS) Oana vom Holtkamper Hof (IGP2,KKL) is equally as impressive. Oana has been known to produce good genetics, character and solid German Shepherds with one of her daughters earning the VA rating from Germany (Deli vom Holtkamper Hof).

** line breeding of: Willy Kuckucksland(3-3) *Omen Radhaus(4-)- Opus Radhaus(4-4)* *Oprah Aurelius(5,5-5), Ando Wilhelmswarte(5-)*. This breeding is jam packed with top VA rated dogs out of Germany, many of which are known for producing super stars in the German Shepherd world.

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2 Males & 2 Females

2 Males & 2 Females

Pedigree: Hexe Team v. Holtkamper Hof & Chapeau v. Holtkamper Hof
Origin: Germany
DOB: 03.29.2024
Gender: 1 Male (SC), 1 Male (LSH), 2 Female (SC)

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