Name: Origin Canine Extreme
Origin: Florida, USA
D.O.B.: 03.02.2016

Origin Canine Extreme


Origin is a stunning female who was born on March 2nd, 2016. She loves to play and is always more than happy to be a part of the group. Origin boasts an excellent structure that is accompanied by a beautiful and powerful movement. When working Origin, you can tell that she is giving you her all and has an incredible willingness to learn. Origin is worked by one of our junior handlers, and their progress and connection are outstanding. Both Origin and our junior handler give it their all and continue to develop into a great working team. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for Origin Canine Extreme!


Origin contains some of the top working pedigree from Germany! Ben's father is a solid black male imported from Germany and is titled in IPO3, KKl1 & V rated. Ben is an extraordinary dog with an incredible work ethic, clear-headedness, and beautiful confirmation. He is an incredibly large structured male who brings a lot of presence when he enters the room. Ben's size and work ethic is a wonderful representation of his sire V Bomber vom Walfsheim (SCHH3, FH1, KKL1) and dam V Eishhca vom Kleinen Zigeuner (SCHH3, IPO3, KKL).

The mother line to this breeding starts with a German imported female named Nell vom Vogelsberger Sughang. Nell is a solid black female of medium size and is titled in SVV1 and KKL. Nell has flawless angles, a wonderful disposition, and absolutely loves to work and play. She is social with the family, animals and has an incredible temperament all around. Nell comes from a top pedigree known for their strong work ethic and ability. Her sire is a top-rated male named Ix vom Patscherkofel, who is V-rated, SCHH3, and KKL. Nell's mother is also a top SCHH3 rated female named Goldi vom Vogelsberger Sughang. This pedigree is combined with top dogs known for their clear temperaments, solid work ethics, good looks, and genetics. This breeding has been a long time coming for us at Canine Extreme, and we are very excited to see these puppies grow within our program.

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