Dog Insurance from Spot Pet Insurance

Canine Extreme’s most recommended Pet Insurance Company!

Spot Pet Insurance is America’s Most Loved Pet Insurance for a reason! Choose a dog health insurance plan that works for you with coverages that include Accident & Illness, Wellness, Preventative Care even Behavior Issues.  When your pet means everything to you, you want a plan that has their back.

Easy Plans with Extensive Coverage. Click the links below and get your FREE quote today.

Canine Extreme Supports Spot Pet Insurance

Whether your dog is in training, active in sport or simply a household pet.  Life can happen, thats why Canine Extreme proudly supports and recommends Spot Pet Insurance for all your pet insurance needs!

Plan Coverage

Spot Pet Insurance has your dog & your peace of mind COVERED! 

Start with a basic plan or upgrade to a Gold and Platinum plans Get fixed reimbursement amounts every year for certain vaccines, wellness exams, and more, with their optional wellness packages.

  • Vet Exam Fees
  • Behavioral Issues
  • X-Rays & Tests
  • Dental Illnesses
  • Hereditry Conditions
  • Cancer
  • Diagnostic Treatment
  • Skin, Eye and Ear Infections
  • Surgery
  • Digestive Illness
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Hip Displasia
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