Name: Yuri Canine Extreme
Gender: Female
Origin: Florda, USA
D.O.B.: 04.24.2021

Yuri Canine Extreme


Yuri is as sweet as they come! This lovely lady loves to be with the family and have a snuggle under the tree on a sunny day. She is happy to play ball but it isn't her main purpose in life. She gets along great with other dogs and has a fairly laid back personality. Make no mistake she's still very much a puppy at heart but a happy dog for the home.


The father of this litter is an incredible up-and-coming male named Poseidon vom Holtkämper Hof. Poseidon is currently competing in Germany and continues to impress. He holds his V rating as well as his IGP3 and KKL. The father to this Poseidon is Negus de Marka, a stunning male with a great structure, masculine head, angles, and nice work drive and temperament. He holds a V8 rating at the BSZS'19 and his IGP3 and KKL. While working, Negus also has a clear head and maintains focus in the ring. The mother to Poseidon is Lenia vom Holtkämper Hof. Lenia has received her V2 rating and her IPO1 and KKL. Lenia is a stunning female with fluid movement, rich pigmentation, and an outstanding temperament. She comes from a top pedigree out of Germany that is highly sought after. Her father is Cronos del Seprio, who is simply a phenomenal male! Cronos has been ranked VA 6X in his career. 2X VA1 in Belgium (2016-2017), 2X VA1 in Austria (2016-2017), VA3 in Germany (BSZS16), and VA4 in Germany (BSZS17). When it comes to world champion German shepherds, he is undoubtedly a tough one to top. His success, however, is no surprise given his pedigree. Cronos is the son to 2X VA1 World Champion Remo vom Fichtenschlag and the VA ratings just continue on from there. The further you look into this pedigree, the better it gets with multiple dogs that have topped the charts in World Championships.

The mother of this litter is a beautiful female named Infinity Canine Extreme. Infinity is a clear example of a dog whose photos do no justice. While Infinity is stunning in photographs, in person, she has a presence to her that can turn heads. Infinity holds her V rating as well as her IGP 1. The sire to Infinity is a stunning male named Team Marlboro Hilton. He is an extremely well-structured male with a masculine head, solid structure, and deep pigmentation. He has a solid work ethic and a nice temperament. Hilton is VA9 (BSZS'19) and also holds his IPO3 and KKL title. The father of Hilton is VA9 (BSZS'16) Yuri vom Osterberger-Land. Yuri is a stunning male, titled in IPO3, and he was a powerhouse at the German Sieger show. Yuri has a show-stopping look to him with excellent body structure and rich pigmentation. The mother to Infinity is Whisper vom Holtkämper See. She is a stunning female with extremely deep pigmentation, excellent structure, temperament, and drive. While still maintaining an outstanding work ethic, she has a fantastic personality. Whisper holds her V1 rating as well as her IGP1 and KKL.

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