Name: Infinity Canine Extreme
Origin: Florida, USA

D.O.B.: 12.01.2019

Titles: V, IGP2, KKL
Hip Rating: HD: Normal
Elbow Rating: ED: Normal

Infinity Canine Extreme


Infinity Canine Extreme is a stunning female with super character and willingness to please. Her work ethic is unparalleled and more important she is wonderful with the family and incredibly social. Infinity impressed us from a young age and there was no question that she was something special. Infinity is currently IGP2 and has been V rated under many SV judges.

- January 2022 | Einzelabnahme Schloß Neuhaus (SV) | GHKH | V | SV Dirk Scheerer
- June 2022 | Gütersloh e.v. | GHKH | V9 | SV Nikolaus Meßler
- October 2022 | GSDCA Sieger Show (USA) | GHKH | V2 | SV Torsten Kallenbach
- February 2023 | SE Regional Championship | GHKH | V3 | SV Jürgen Maibüchen

Health Test: OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA DM Clear (N/N)


The sire to Infinity is a stunning male named Team Marlboro Hilton. He is an extremely well-structured male with a masculine head, solid structure, and deep pigmentation. He has a solid work ethic and a nice temperament. Hilton is VA9 (BSZS’19) and also holds his IPO3 and KKL title. The father to Hilton is VA9 (BSZS’16) Yuri vom OSterberger-Land. Yuri is a stunning male, titled in IPO3, he was a powerhouse at the German Sieger show. Yuri has a show-stopping look to him with great body structure and rich pigmentation. Yuri comes from a long line of World Champions (BSZS). His father is VA4 (BSZS) Mentos vom Osterberger-Land (SCHH3, KKL1) who is the son of VA (BSZS) Nando vom Gollerweiher. The list of top quality and talented German Shepherds goes on and on from there.

The mother to Infinity is Whisper vom Holtkämper See. She is a stunning female who has extremely deep pigmentation, nice structure, temperament, and drives. While still maintaining an outstanding work ethic, she has an amazing personality. Traveling, competing and working with her is truly a pleasure. While she is more than happy to give flashy obedience and ring work, she is also more than happy to relax on the sidelines and enjoy the company of others. Whisper was highly rated in the youth class in 2019 coming in SG1 (USA’19) and SG29 (BSZS'19). We have high hopes for Whisper and look forward to seeing what the future holds. Her father is an impeccable male name Henko vom Holtkämper Hof (VA 5, IPO3, KKL). Henko has extremely rich pigmentation, good character, and a top work ethic. He has solid bone structure, good height and a very dark mask with beautiful expression in the face. Henko was highly rated in the youth class BSZS in 2016 and since then has been ranked VA 5 (BSZS'18,19'). Henko’s pedigree is one that is very close to home. His father is none other than our very own Fight vom Holtkämper Hof. Fight is rated VA2 (USA’17), V13 (BSZS’16), IPO3 and KKL. Fight is truly a phenomenal male with a solid work ethic and flawless character. Fight is known around the world for being a top producer of German Shepherds.

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