Name: Friedchen v.d. Burg Reichenstein
Origin: Germany

D.O.B.: 04.14.2017

Titles: V, IGP1, KKL
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

Friedchen v.d. Burg Reichenstein


Friedchen (aka Freddy) is a stunning female with rich pigmentation and beautiful body type. She has a super pedigree that is riddled with German Shepherds that are known for producing good health and genetics. Freddy has an extremely light hearted personality, she is always happy to take part with the family. She is social around other animals and love, loves, love to work a little obedience and chase the ball. Freddy is an amazing addition to our breeding program and we are excited to see what the future holds.


The father line begins with the WORLD FAMOUS, Willy vom Kuckucksland. Willy is 4X VA rated champion at the BSZS with 2 of those times being VA1 BSZS and additionally 1x VA1 (Italy), making him 5X VA champion thus far in his lifetime. Willy is also IGP3 & KKL. Willy has been noted to be the greatest producing GSD of all time when it comes to health hand genetics. He himself has produced more than 10 VA rated world champions (and counting) and will continue to impact the German Shepherd ancestry for lifetimes to come. We can spend hours discussing stats on Willy but we also need to mention his pedigree and what makes him so special. Willy is the son to Opus vom Radhaus, a VA rated male who spend a few years at Canine Extreme as a stud male. Opus's full brother (Omen von Radhaus) went on to be 2X VA1 World Champion from the years 2013-2014. The sire to Omen & Opus was the 4X VA (BSZS), 2X VA1 (BSZS) World Champion named Remo vom Fichtenschlag who held the VA1 Champion Title from 2011-2012. This pedigree is littered with countless VA champions who were known and sought out for their flawless temperaments, work ethic, beauty and (most important) their ability to promote good health in the breed.

The mother line begins with Zoe von der Burg Reichenstein (IPO3, KKL) who was VA5 at BSZS 2016. Zoe is a beautiful female with good structure, pigment and very nice movement in the gait. Having only three litters to date with the SV Zoe has produced more than 50% Hof her progeny with good HD/ED and many who have continued on to be V rated. Zoe's sire is Luca v.d. Wilhelmswarte (SchH2, IPO3, KKL). Luca was SG3 at the BSZS 2011 as a young male and went on to 7X V1 at LGs shows across Germany but never competing the working class at BSZS. Luca was a sought after stud and produced many dogs that went on to V ratings at the BSZS. Zoe's mother, Quennja von der Burg Reichenstein (SchH2, KKL) is a V rated female who had 9 litters registered with the SV with the majority showing good health and work-ability. Notable names in the mother line include: Vegas du Haut Mansard (2x VA1 BSZS), Pakros d' Ulmental, Ursus von Batu, Yasko vom Farbenspiel.

** Line breeding: Vegas Haut Mansard (4,4-4) *Oprah Aurelius (3-)- Ando Wilhelmswarte (-3)*

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