Name: Imp Team vom Holtkamper Hof - SOLD
Gender: Male
Origin: Germany

D.O.B.: 08.05.2022

Titles: SG
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

Imp Team vom Holtkamper Hof - SOLD


Imp is an absolutely incredible male, at such a young we were impressed with him so much that we couldn't
T wait to bring him to the United States. Imp has some basics in obedience and absolutely loves to work in protection. He is well balance in temperament and absolutely stunning to look at. Imp gets along with all things alive, he is happy by nature and always ready for whats net. He would be incredibly well suited for a family environment.


The father to this litter is Ypps vom Holtkamper Hof who is a large, stunning male with impeccable work ethic and flawless disposition. Ypps was born and raised in Germany, V rated in conformation, IGP3 and has his breed survey for life. In 2023 Ypps traveled to the USA for a limited time breeding opportunity and we are thrilled to have progeny from him in the USA. Ypps is the son of Xandur von der Pfalzperle who is V rated from the German Sieger Show, IGP3 and KKL (Lifetime). Xandur is the real deal when it comes to German Shepherds. He is phenomenal to work with, sweet in the house and has stellar grips in bite work. Xandur is the son of the world famous VA Henko v. Holtkamper Hof (IGP3, KKL). Henko needs no introduction as you can find his name in the first few generations of MANY world champions. The mother line to Ypps begins with the impressive Vienchen vom Holtkämper Hof, VA rated at the 2018 German Sieger (BSZS), Vienchen is also IPO3 and KKL (lifetime). The combination of multiple world champions is evident in Ypps. As you look closer into his bloodline you will see some top dogs such as: Fight v. Holtkamper Hof, Peik v. Holtkamper Hof, Pacco v. Langenbungert, Orbit v. Huhnegrab, Renzo v. Holtkamper Hof and many others.

The mother line begins with Oana vom Holtkämper Hof (IPO3, KKL) who was the 2019 VA1 World Champion BSZS working female. With several litters under her belt Oana has quickly gained a reputation of producing top quality German Shepherds with one of her daughters (Deli vom Holtkämper Hof) also earning the coveted VA title at the 2022 BSZS. Oana and her ancestors have competed very successfully at the World Championship for 4 generations, if thats not telling of a bloodline, I don't know what is. Oana is the daughter to the WORLD FAMOUS, Willy vom Kuckucksland. Willy is 4X VA rated champion at the BSZS with 2 of those times being VA1 BSZS and additionally 1x VA1 (Italy), making him 5X VA champion thus far in his lifetime. Willy is also IGP3 & KKL. Willy has been noted to be the greatest producing GSD of all time when it comes to health hand genetics. He himself has produced more than 10 VA rated world champions (and counting) and will continue to impact the German Shepherd ancestry for lifetimes to come. Her mother, Idanja v. Holtkämper Hof (SchH3, KKL) was VA rated at the BSZS'16 and comes from a long list of world class German Shepherds such as: Peik vom Holtkämper Hof, Zamp vom Thermodos, Flipp von Arlett and many others.

** Line Breeding: Peik Holtkämper Hof(4,5-4) Liselotte Holtkämper Hof(5-3) Negus Holtkämper See(5-5) Arko Butjenter Land(5-5) *Negus Holtkämper See(5-5)- Naxos Holtkämper See(-5)* *Odin Holtkämper Hof(5-)- Orbi Holtkämper See(-5)*

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