Name: Wanda Iveron
Gender: Female
Origin: Slovakia

D.O.B.: 07.14.2017

Titles: SVV1
Hip Rating: A - Slovakia
Elbow Rating: A - Slovakia

Wanda Iveron


Wanda is an outstanding female who truly can stand out in a group with not only her looks but her workability as well. After watching Wanda work one time, you can see the power, focus, concentration, and willingness to work that she has. Whether you are using treats, toys, or just praise, she always gives it 100%. Wanda also has great structuring that helps to give her a beautifully fluid and powerful movement. She is an incredible female who checks all the boxes from, workability and intelligence all the way to structure and movement. We're excited to have Wanda with us and can't wait to see what she has in store.


The father to this Wanda is a beautiful dark sable male named Goran Eqidius. Goran is a V rated male who also has his IPO3 and KKL. He has a blocky head, great bone structure, nice pigmentation as well as a great temperament. While still maintaining a clear head, he show outstanding work ethic and intelligence. Goran comes from a powerful and well-structured male named Passat Eqidius who has a SVV1, IPO3, IGP3 and KKL. Passat has a masculine head, nice angles and a solid drives. The mother to Goran is Quela Eqidius. Quela is an outstanding female who has a SVV1 and KKL. She has a deep pigmentation, very nice body structure and a well-rounded work ethic.

Wanda's mother-line is one that is very dear to our heart. Her mother, Lea Iveron, is the daughter of Pedro Eqidius (SVV1, IPO3), who is a stunning dark sable male with a tremendous work ethic and temperament. Pedro is the son of the world-famous V Tyson von der Schiffslache (SCHH3 (3 X BSP), IPO3). Tyson is an extraordinarily powerful male who is known for producing top dogs in sport. Tyson has produced countless German Shepherds throughout Europe that were all highly rated IPO3, BSP, etc. Following the mother-line from Lea Iveron, you will find her grandfather, Saturn Eqidius (SVV1, IPO3), who to this day is one of the most impressive and stunning bi-color males we have ever seen. Saturn had a presence to him that was truly unparalleled. He was the son of the WUSV & BSP Champion V Nick vom Heiligenbösch (WUSV 1999, 3°BSP, SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, 2X LG 11 1°PLATZ (1998-1999)). & Nike Eqidius (V rated, SCHH3, IPO3, KKL).

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