Name: Heidi Canine Extreme
Origin: Florida, USA

D.O.B.: 04.08.2019

Titles: BH, DM CLEAR
Hip Rating: OFA Prelim Good
Elbow Rating: OFA Prelim Normal

Heidi Canine Extreme


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The father to Heidi is a beautiful dark sable male named Goran Eqidius. Goran is a V-rated male who also has his IPO3 and KKL. He has a blocky head, great bone structure, nice pigmentation as well as a great temperament. While still maintaining a clear head, he shows an outstanding work ethic and intelligence. Goran comes from a powerful and well-structured male named Passat Eqidius, who has an SVV1, IPO3, IGP3, and KKL. Passat has a masculine head, nice angles, and solid drives. The mother of Goran is Quela Eqidius. Quela is an outstanding female who has an SVV1 and KKL. She has deep pigmentation, a very nice body structure, and a well-rounded work ethic.

Ondra Von Schloss Berge is the mother to Heidi. Ondra is a beautifully well-structured female who carries a deep pigmentation. She is a V-rated female who also holds an IPO3 and KKL. The father to Ondra is a stunning male named Vayt vom Sternbusch. Vayt is a V-rated male with his IPO3, FH1, FH2, and KKL. Vayt is an intelligent dog who has a large and solid bone structure as well as wonderful pigmentation. Edda von Schloss Berge, who has her SG title as well as her IPO3 and KKL, is the mother to Ondra. Edda is a nice clear-headed female with a nice solid working drive.

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