Name: Dasko Canine Extreme
Origin: Canine Extreme Male

D.O.B.: 03.07.2008

Titles: BH, Narcotices Dog
Hip Rating:
Elbow Rating:

Dasko Canine Extreme


Dasko was an incredible male German Shepherd who was Narcotics Certified, protection trained, and possessed such advanced obedience that it challenged us to create new tasks. In addition, Dasko had a powerful character and solid work ethic. No day went by that Dasko was not with Raul and Colby. His incredible traits and connection to Raul and Colby would help grow Canine Extreme into the place it is today.

At eight weeks, Dasko went straight to work in the Canine Extreme Puppy Training program, and honestly, there was not a day that he did not exceed all expectations. Dasko had incredible workability, but his intelligence and adjustability were some of his most incredible traits. No matter who was working him, he could adjust and form to their level of work. This is an astonishing feat in itself, but it goes on from there. Not only would he match who he was working with, but if they wanted to learn and grow, he was right there to help them take that first step in progress. The intelligence it takes for a dog to match any situation is rare to come by, and we're so lucky to have had the chance to have him and his incredible progeny.

Dasko is a dog that we like to say also gave back to the community. Dasko was used for our C.E. Drug-Free Program and searched schools, homes, and businesses for Narcotics with Raul. While working with the C.E. Drug-Free Program, he quickly became a well know and friendly face to the schools and businesses. He also participated in our demonstrations showing all the skills that a solid working dog should possess. He could go from 0-100 in only a matter of seconds and then be cut loose to play with children just a few short moments later.

Dasko was well-rounded in his head/temperament, and he LOVED to work 24/7. There is not a day that goes by that we are not grateful for all of the time, love, experience, and friendship he gave us here at Canine Extreme. Dasko was 100% a part of the family and was even part of Raul and Colby's wedding photos. We have never been so proud to produce a dog such as Dasko, and he will forever be remembered.



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