Name: KEULE v. Holtkamper Hof, IPO3
Origin: Import Male

D.O.B.: 09.23.2012

Titles: V11 (BSZS'16), IPO3, KKL & DM(N/N)
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

KEULE v. Holtkamper Hof, IPO3


Keule vom Holtkamper Hof is a highly ranked German Shepherd male imported from Germany. Keule was rated VA1 (USA - Sieger), V11 at the 2016 German Sieger show and is titled in IPO3 and KKl. Keule is a well-built male with rich pigmentation, good expression on the face, masculine head structure, and overall good body type. He is square built with a firm back, good chest, and solid movement in the gate. Keule is a fantastic dog to work in obedience and protection.

During his time at Canine Extreme Keule actively competed in shows (both in USA & Germany), he was a highly sought-after stud, but most of all, he was an amazing tutor to our junior handlers. At the 2018 USCA Sieger Show Keule competed in the veterans class with (then 8 yr old) Lucas Moxley. Keule also competed with Lucas in the 2019 Junior Handler National earning 1st place in their division. Keule was always an outstanding citizen, fun to work with, and eager to please.

Keule competed countless times with our juniors and was there to practice with them every chance he could get. It's not every day that you have a dog that can adjust his ability to the handler he is working with, which allows the handler to grow and learn. We were so lucky to have him as a part of our team, and he helped to shape some incredible junior handlers who have a bright future in the show world. Keule is now retired and living the good life with his private owner.


Keule vom Holtkamper Hof comes from top German pedigree. His father is a World Champion male, Pacco vom Langenbungert. Pacco is rated VA3 (BSZS’15), IPO3 & KKL. Pacco is a powerful male with deep red pigmentation, masculine body type and flawless work ethic. This top male was a showstopper in the ring and simply flawless to watch. Pacco is a wonderful representation of his bloodline and what good genetics can produce. His father is a 2X VA1 (BSZS’11 &’12) World Champion and titled in SCHH3 & KKL. Pacco’s mother (Ankaa vom Nadelhaus) was a highly rated female at the 2011 BSZS, coming in at V19. The mother line to Keule begins with a well structured female named Rieke vom Holtkamper See who is the daughter to the world famous Zamp vom Thermodos. Zamp is a well built male with a solid body structure, good movement and phenomenal work ethic. Zamp was rated VA1 (BSZS’06), VA5 (BSZS’05) and holds titles in SCHH3 & KKL. One of the greatest aspects to Zamp, other then his show career, was his temperament with the family. This dog truly was the full package and has had a huge impact on what is expected of German Shepherd today. Looking into Keule’s pedigree you will find many notable names such as: Ray vom Fichtenschlag, Hill vom Farbenspiel, Yasko vom Farbenspiel, Orbit von Tronje, Wilko vom Fichtenschlag, Quantum von Arminius, Dux della Valcuvia, Yak vom Frankengold and many more.

You can see some pictures of Keule's parents and grandparents by clicking on the pedigree below. All the dogs you see listed in this pedigree (including Keule) have their A stamp Hip/Elbow ratings from the German SV.

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