Name: Team Marlboro Hilton
Origin: Germany

D.O.B.: 12.22.2015

Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

Team Marlboro Hilton


Team Marlboro Hilton is a stunning male who has the ability to shake things up in the show world. He is an extremely well-structured male with a masculine head, solid structure, and deep pigmentation. Hilton boasts powerful movement that clearly shows off on the field, both in the show ring and the working field. Additionally, he has an out-of-this-world temperament that makes him a joy to work and be around. Hilton has achieved the impressive feat of achieving his VA9 rating at the BSZS in Germany. This is all accompanied by him holding his IPO3 and KKL title. We're incredibly excited to have Hilton join the Canine Extreme Team, and we cannot wait to see what his next big step is; we know that it will be incredible!

Hilton is retired from breeding and living the goof life with his family in Florida.


The father to Hilton is VA9 (BSZS'16) Yuri vom OSterberger-Land. Yuri is a stunning male, titled in IPO3, and he was a powerhouse at the German Sieger shows. Yuri has a show-stopping look to him with excellent body structure and rich pigmentation. Yuri comes from a long line of World Champions (BSZS). His father is VA4 (BSZS) Mentos vom Osterberger-Land (SCHH3, KKL1). Mentos is a household name in the show world, and there are not many who do not know his name. Mentos also competed during the time where the SV decided to remove the ranking for VA dogs. The terminology used for this was VA0 which ranked all the VA dogs at that time together as 1st. However, looking at the records, there was still a lineup, and Mentos placed VA4 in 2014 at the BSZS, which is an incredible feat. The impressive pedigree continues from there, with Mentos' being the son of VA (BSZS) Nando vom Gollerweiher. The list of top quality and talented German Shepherds goes on and on from there.

Team Marlboro Kamiah is the mother to Hilton, and she is an excellent female who has a great work ethic and drives. She is the daughter of the stunning Guccy vom Heinrichplatz and comes from an old, well-established pedigree. This pedigree has a tendency to pass along these sought-after qualities that you can see in the progeny. Guccy is an extremely masculine male who has a large structure and well-developed head. This is all accompanied by great drives and confirmation that have allowed him to achieve VA at the BSZS countless times. He holds his VA 11 at the BSZS in 2011, as well as his SchH3 and kkl. His and his progeny's accomplishments come at no surprise as they are descendants of the world-famous Odin vom Holtkämper Hof. Odin is an absolutely incredible male who has 3 VA titles from the BSZS in '06, '07 and claimed the VA2 title in '08. It has been clearly seen that Odin produces his remarkable qualities in the lines passed down as 3 of his descendants have gone on to achieve the coveted VA title. Including VA11 (BSZS) Guccy vom Heinrichplatz, we have VA9(BSZS) Paul vom Bierstadter Hof and VA 12 (BSZS) Ballack zur Worringer Rheinaue.

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