Name: Novalino (aka Monty) - Import Male
Origin: Import Male

D.O.B.: 07.30.2002

Titles: V, SVV1, KKL
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

Novalino (aka Monty) - Import Male


Novalino (aka Monty) is a One-Of-A-Kind German Shepherd. He has a large, strong structure and an extremely gentle sole. Rated one of the top dogs in Europe in the 2005 hardest-hitting competition, Novalino's protection skills are incredible. To top that, he is a gentle giant with reliable obedience and does great with kids, dogs, cats, you name it. Novalino won our hearts years ago and has found himself with us from now until forever at Canine Extreme.

Novalino had the nickname Monty from Raul, his family, and everyone who knew him. Monty was Raul's personal dog, and if you saw Raul, you know that Monty was close behind. While many people know Monty for his incredible working ability and his large size and structure. At the same time, he was also fantastic with Raul's family. Monty had such a unique demeanor, intelligence, and loyalty to him that we were also referred to as the babysitter for Raul's kids. It was amazing to watch Monty as he watched over the kids. Whether they were playing at the pool, beach, park, or even biking around, you would always find Monty watching over them.

It is not often that you find a dog with so much intelligence and a kind soul to them. Monty was a dog that made such an incredible impact on Raul, his family, and the foundation of Canine Extreme. The days that Monty would just come up and rest his head in your lap were some incredible moments that will last a lifetime. Words cannot describe how much of a part of the family Monty was and how grateful we are to have him as a part of our lives. When visiting Canine Extreme, it's not hard to find a picture of him hanging on the walls.



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